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What and Why do I avoid?

  1. Meat
    1. Most farmed animals/birds are treated with antibiotics as per law and that creates immunity against antibiotics
    2. Meat messes with the pronunciation  of certain words (Sanskrit chants) which are a bit hard to pronounce. I face difficulty in pronouncing certain words.
    3. Affects my meditation.
    4. Against my principle 'enjoy your life with least harm or hurt to anyone or anything'
    5. A chicken in a lifetime might eat 20 meal worth of beans or food grains but it will hardly serve one or two when it gets killed. Inefficient way of generating food in a world where many die of hunger
    6. more carbon footprint than vegetable meal
    7. It takes 6-7 times more water to cook a meat meal than a vegetarian meal. In world where people are still dying of lack of good drinking water or farmers committing suicide for lack of water, I can contribute passively by preferring a veg meal instead of meat meal.
    8. It costs more money, more water, more carbon footprint, more grains....I simply cannot justify it to myself
      If in future when science advances and takes away all the above associated factors then I will surely consider consuming it. Yes it tastes good but when compared to the proud feeling that you get when you avoid meat for the above mentioned reasons, the taste of meat is nothing.
  2. Alcohol
    1. unhealthy
    2. A liter of  alcoholic beverage costs upto 17 liters of regular water. When all the beings of this world have enough good water for their consumption then I will consider it.
    3. return on investment or what you get out of it after it wears of can be measured in negative numbers. So it takes more from you than it gives (temporarily) in the long run.
  3. Tobacco
    1. unhealathy
    2. affects others and not just me

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