Friday, April 29, 2011

Are android phones anti opensource or anti linux?!

High at Heart & Madness in Ma Mind
When i bought my new expensive android phone i was all excited not just because of buying a new phone but once again choosing to be with an open-source technology but that feeling did not last long. After few days struggling with it i realized that open source has been a victim of exploitation from the beginning. I remember the song 'some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you' by marilyn manson. Everybody want to be benefited from open source but no body wants to pay it back or show some respect to it and the least of all is android phones. The main and the only reason android became more favorable than iOS so quickly is because it is an open source software. Linux is a major part of the GNU movement or the open-source movement and the fact that android OS is based on Linux but none of the android devices support Linux is the heights of hypocrisy. There are no android devices in the market which has a sync software for Linux (I hope Richard Stallman won't be upset for using Linux instead of GNU/Linux). If Linux is the main player which popularized the concept of open source then Ubuntu is the Linux OS which popularized the Linux and it is bewildering to know that none of the android phones have a syncing software for Linux operating systems. It is more painful to know that Google which is behind the android movement is planning its chrome OS based on Linux for computers is not giving any attention to it. After working so many years in the top most technology company i have realized that
 almost all of our device (storage, servers to name a few....) drivers are designed using Linux/UNIX but when it comes to softwares to operate them, they only make it for windows. It seems the number of companies which make use of open source technologies but don't want to contribute or encourage it will only increase with the addition of Google to its list.
The main aspect of GPL licenses and other such opensource licenses is to offer the basic freedoms to the user with his product. How many of the new android phones like HTC Desire HD or Samsun Galaxy S have application which you cannot remove or uninstall? Ans. : Many. All of the android phones are with something called CIQ (career ID) which basically sends your ever activity including what you type (which includes your credit card number and passwords of your online account) and it is all done in the name of collecting user data so that they can improve the user experience!!!, but shouldnt I have any say in what i want to share about my private data. It is not important whether the collector of such data (the private companies and the government) uses it to harm you or damage you but it is important that no one should have the right to spy on you without your knowledge and you pay for it (phone, tablets etc.,). Unfortunately the majority of the people do not know about it and those who do just write blogs like this because they have no power to do something about it.