Friday, February 2, 2018

I would If I could 6 : Education System

Before I go on proposing my system let me tell you what it addresses

  • towards equal opportunity
  • end to education system mafia and nexus. (Currently politicos in india have their own schools and they are systematically killing public schools so that they can charge a heavy fee for their own private schools to make money)
  • Children will not be forced to be on a lower class if they are talented, Children will not be forced to be on a higher class if they are slow. Children will be at a class/grade based on their talent and not age.
  • Home schooling allows greater parental responsibility and bonding.
  • Persons will be encouraged to do their own research and this promotes self study, self learning, research and development in people.
  1. Education system will be based on certification.
  2. A Person will be considered to have passed a grade if he attains 60 percentile (not percent) in all the subjects.
  3. Exams will be conducted whenever there are at least 50 persons ready to take the exam.
  4. A 360 degree camera records the entire exam session (placed at the center of the exam hall or hung at the ceiling) and this recording is stored forever and accessible after taking permission from the system.
  5. the exams happen once every 6 months.
  6. persons need not have to come to any school/college or learning centers. Persons can study privately, home schooled or go to a study center if they desire. 
  7. The subjects can include Art, science etc., and a grade can have 10 subjects.
  8. The student has to pass at least 6/10 subjects.