Sunday, October 22, 2017

I would If I could - 4 - mandatory self surveillance

benefits of this proposal

  1. no cost to government
  2. saves money to government in legal system
  3. increased protection towards women
  4. decreased crime rate
  5. increased employment
  6. decreased load on police department
  7. increase in the speed of resolution of the cases
  8. decreased terror activities
proposal :
all businesses, shops and establishments worth certain amount should install surveillance cameras at each of their entrances and they should maintain a record of these recordings from a minimum 1 month to a year based on the type and net worth of the establishment. If these establishments are main roads then easily criminals who know the presence of cameras will certainly avoid any mischievous activities. Accidents which happen on the roads too now will have evidences. These are public places and hence nobody is invading anybody's privacy. In case of any theft, robbery at these establishments, advanced automated facial recognition can help us to identify crooks easily. Even releasing the footage to public can help to nab the culprits too.