Sunday, October 22, 2017

I would If I could - 3 - shifting beverage production to sea shores

the following proposal will have these advantages

  1. minimize the possibilities of attach from any country since many of the world's major private organizations will have more to lose than the countries at war. War is most of the times is about money, resources and the same thing will now create more hurdles for any country to attack us since they will be harming private organizations which influence world politics and economy and they will be mostly hurting citizens or employees of these organizations.
  2. no cost R&D for government
  3. increased employment without any government's spending or effort
  4. increased coastal security
  5. increased tourism
  6. solves water problem across india
  7. distributed growth across india
Mandating the beverage companies who make hot and cold beverages including water to use only sea or desalinated water as their source. production of a litre of soda costs more than 2x and more than 10x for alcoholic beverages. Mandate all leather industries over a particular size to use only desalinated water. If we can try to recommend this at a global level then this will be even better.This will make most companies to set up their establishment near sea shores. It increases the employment at coastal areas. This will also give birth to more beaches which in turn will increase local, national and international tourism over a period of time. Following are the reasons that we can cite to enforce such a mandate
  1. solve drinking problem
  2. prevent pollution
  3. increase employment across coastal areas
  4. stop wastage of irrigation water
  5. preserving ground water levels