Sunday, July 3, 2016

I would If I could - 1 - Opportunities, Reservations and promotion

I would If I could - 1

Single unified reservation, promotion system where every opportunity in any form will be offered only to the women of the section of the community or a group which wants such a benefit.

Sections of the society will be identified (dalits, sc, st, muslims, christians etc.,) and those who seek reservation in jobs, financial aid or reservation of any form or type will be women first and men next. ex : If there are 100 seats reserved in STEM field of education then it will first be offered to the females of the reserved class and then the remaining will be given to the males. So far most of such opportunities are grabbed by men and the status of their community is still at such a lower state that even after decades of independence they need this affirmative action. If this is offered to females first and then males then it will be greatly effective in 2 ways as below.

1. Hyper gamy is mainly followed by females so if females are having their status improved by such affirmative action in their community/group then males will be indirectly forced to up their game and effort to be in  a higher status than the females so that they can be eligible for the females.
Currently,  males get all the opportunities defined in such affirmative action and thus they will be eligible for the females with least or no effort which also forces the females of such communities to be backward, oppressed and have no say in any family matters such as family planning.

2. In almost all the cases where both males and females are educated they dont have more children than they can afford to take care of... In most cases they have just 2 or a maximum of 3 kids per couple. This will control the population too. Uncontrolled population growth of a community is one of the reason of poverty and backwardness.