Thursday, May 26, 2016

The kind of people I don't have as guests no more

1. They cause sleep deprivation
So everyone has their own sleeping pattern and comfort. I like mine to be quiet and dark.
a) It's annoying to have someone who has to have a fan turned on which makes me feel that I am sleeping under a chopper or a helicopter. It's just noisy and cold for me.
b) your body gets used to your snoring and can sleep with it but you can't tolerate someone else snoring in your bed, Atleast not me. I can't sleep anywhere where it is not quiet. I admit I snore slightly but I don't appreciate someone waking me or shaking me when I start to snore a bit bcz everytime then do that to break my snoring it takes 30 minutes for me to get back to sleep.
c) they want the light turned on and I love my room to be dark when I sleep.
2. They make my place messier than what it was
If you ask me Its not polite to go to someone's place and litter everywhere before you leave. If I visit someone's place and I want to be able to visit them again, then I will try not to make they're messier than what it was.. If possible I will gladly name it neater if not cleaner before I leave.