Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feminism --> MGTOW the cashcow for the short sighted capitalists

There are some who are of the view that feminism will destroy the economy, starting from the west but on the contrary it might make the capitalist's eyes bigger and wider.
Let us say that there is a family of 6 with 2 kids, parents and grand parents. This is the scene of India few years ago. This is very bad for the economy since they will now have just 1 house which is bad for the real estate business. They will now have just 1 TV, 1 home phone, 1 radio, 1 car for all which is bad for the economy. Now let us have the broken families of the west where they have to take appointment to meet their parents (which most often will be more than 2). Now grand pa has his own house, grand ma has her own house, husband and wife are taking a divorce and they have a separate house, their kids are of age now and they have their own place to stay. In short now all the materials are 6x than the earlier time. Feminism is greatly helping this cause and if everyone becomes a MGTOW then it is even better for the economy. Now instead of 2 we have 4 people fighting for the custody of the kid. Let us say a gay couple now wants a baby and hire a surrogate mother and the egg was from another lady of their preference. Now the there are potentially 4 people who can go to court to claim the custody of the child. In the case of MGTOW it is 3. If everyone in the world becomes single and start having kids like this method of surrogacy and borrowed eggs then we have some individuals who have to buy every thing for themselves without having to share anything that they buy. Everyone in the world has a house, their own car, their own bike, their own everything since they don't have anyone to share it. This is also great for the government because now they have more to govern where nobody is in support of anyone as a family and nobody is going to back anyone as a family; everyone is for themselves. Division of family helped in favor of capitalism and now it seems that was not enough.
So you might wonder what next? How will our species progress? How will our species survive if nobody is having kids or the population starts decreasing? The answer is simple. Then it will be even more prosperous situation for the pharmas and corporates involved in the artificial uterus technology where you can have babies without the need of a women or a man. Science has already progressed to a level where one can have human off-springs with just one gender. Imagine what happens when both the gender's physical, reproductive and other needs are met by private corporations with some cost attached but not each other for free. Instead of man and women meeting each other's physical needs for free now they pay for a corporation for their needs, just like they pay for a cooking machine, washing machine, virtual reality tech etc., instead of a situation of their ancestors where they had it for free from each other and it was a whole lot better than anything that they could ever have. Just Imagine...