Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why do men get paid more than women?

These are my cents on this ongoing debate all over the world.
  1. In an unlikely event of a boat sinking, women get to leave with their kids and for some unexplained reason men get to stay on the boat to die.
  2. At times of war and crisis for some unexplained reason men pick up arms to protect their women and children and contribute 99% to 100% of martyrdom during a crisis.
  3. at times of crisis like a hostage situation they negotiate for women first and men get to be treated as expendables.
  4. Women experience mood swings during periods., that is 3-5 days before periods and 2-3 days after the period which sums upto 10 days and such mood swings contribute negatively at work.
  5. In any society men are expected by the society to provide for the women even during casual dates for her movie, shopping, dinner, commuting expenses etc.,
  6. Men contribute almost 100% in all the physically challenging/demanding work environments like mining, construction etc.,
  7. A women needs time off work for maternity which can be a issue for a business if the role requires the executive to maintain constant connection with the clients. ex: hedge funds.
  8. Men are more likely to work till they retire than women. Most women may opt out of work and choose to be a home maker after 2-3 kids.