Sunday, November 9, 2014

Favorite Thing About You

(i)wish you did not have that face
(i)wish you did not have that scar
(i)wish you dint have that cute teeth misaligned from the rest

bcoz the best thing about you
is everything about you
so forget what they say
you are the best of all the rest=[rpt]

hide not paintless nails of your hands
hide not unwaxed pretty legs
and yes there is no need to hide that ungroomed hair

its okay being unseen
its okay being ignored
but beloved with me you will always be loved

the spotless moon is no moon
the thornless rose is no rose
may be you were made this way to suit my taste

wish not the curves you do not have
wish not the skin that your friend has
if you havent heard it yet, you are my favourite thing about you