Friday, October 3, 2014

The Soulmate

I often wonder why always people try to waste their life around perfect, perfect thing or the perfect one. The whole objectivity of life is the  journey to the road to perfection from the point of imperfection. You know that infinity is not going to end and you will never be close to its end, no matter how hard you try.

If you believe that there is always an area of improvement then infinity should be the perfection because only infinity gets better than what it was every time and all the time. So if perfection is infinity then you will never find your perfect one, soul mate, the one or made for each other guy or girl because if you have found them then you have only found the one who is better among those whom you have met so far but not 'the one'.  If people change over a period time is true then everyone has a different perfect one every day in the universe. I am not the same person (physically, mentally) compared to yesterday or tomorrow. Let us say if at all there is some supernatural way of figuring out a perfect partner for someone then as per the physical and mental health, nature and growth I might be the perfect one someone like me in another country but tomorrow the perfect one for me might be someone entirely different. Let me elaborate a little more. Let us say that tonight I see a movie and that movie change my whole perception towards life by tomorrow, then I am a different person by tomorrow. Since I am different person by tomorrow, my perfect one will also be a different one by tomorrow as per my new views towards life, world, myself and others. Yesterday I might have been someone who was a non vegetarian but today after seeing a video of a slaughterhouse and how the animals are suffered, tortured and ripped apart forcefully, I might become a vegan by tomorrow. So If I am a vegan today my perfect one should be someone who respects, responds and resonates towards my feelings about animals, birds and nature where as until yesterday I was a meat eater and thus I would have been okay with someone with a fur jacket.
The point is perfection is a myth which is only useful for the entertainment industry to make songs, music, movies and merchandise around it but not for real life. Now I begin to understand why my native culture at bharat gave importance to developing love towards the one whom you have married than chasing the wild invisible goose of love, perfection and soul mate. Arranged marriages are more successful in a gigantic proportion against the love marriages.
Let us say you are playing a game and you are told that no matter what you do, how you play, you are going to win and the game has been rigged, judges have been bought to make sure odds will always favor you; Won't you find that game boring ? What fun is there in playing a video-game where you know the whole layout of the game as if you are the one who made it and also there are 'no challenges', 'points of curiosity' , 'moments of suspense' etc., missing against another experience where you have played a game for the first time and at many levels you lost, you died, reborn, you got frustrated and threw the gamepad/keyboard/mouse/joystick away, screamed, yelled but somehow you finally won. I make this statement very boldly today. "If god grants the perfect one or the soul mate to everyone then the human race will be cannibalized and vanish" . It is definitely not about finding a sculpture on a mountain but it is about finding a suitable rock on which you are confident that you can work on it and then make a sculpture out of it. your life partner should also be the same. You are wasting your precious time if you think you are searching for a perfect one or a soul mate because that is logically impossible. Here in my country of 1.4 billion people arranged marriages happen and more than 98% of them last forever, yes forever. It is all about 2 individuals ability to transform each other together and that and those which surround them to achieve their means and definition of a good life.