Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I had a million dollar or a programmer

I have wondered over the years whether there is a conspiracy to not to develop an application which is truly cross platform, that is
most of the music players stop at gnu/linux but till date there is no application which can sync your music between your gnu/linux OS and an android or with your iphone. Even the music players which are there on windows are not truly there on android or iphone and they cant sync to each other. I am finding it annoying to carry the ipod classic since it has to be wired and it is bulky. I want to use my android phone itself but no go since all the immature apps which are there on android play store to sync music are not truly there on desktop to play music but only to sync. ex: the doubletwist, isyncr etc., The day someone finds a way to sync or use the same media files across the devices without putting it on the cloud and having to pay a hefty data charges for the network providers, someone is going to be a billionaire. I wish I knew programming enough to just compile the banshee or any other such gnu gpl music player to android and distribute it but unfortunately my years of forced interest to learn programming (even python) have seen no positive outcome. I guess this will never happen, not until goolgle actually uses such flaws and vacuum to falsely give us an illusion of choice to use android on desktops or on all your devices too so that you dont have to worry about getting different applications for different platform since it seems easier to use all spying, NSA loving android on all devices to solve a problem. If you want to sell some shit then create a vacuum or a bigger shit and then give your shit as a comparison to show that your shit is actually a better choice than the other one.... nice marketing for mobile devices and force everyone to use mobile devices and cloud so that it makes it much easier for them to have all of your data where you are willingly and voluntarily giving it to them. The best way to take someone's freedom is to make them give it to you by choice.