Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why and how loyalty deterioates a society

Today I called SBI (state bank of india) to have a Fixed deposit for a good amount of money but it took me 4 hours of phone call with their customer care and nobody could help with anything. This is a huge problem with he public sector organizations in india where job security will be there with you irrespective of whether you work or not, whether it the company is doing well or not. There were no ATMs in india before citibank came and threatened these mighty public sector banks. Till date date public sector employees be it may the tellers or a watchmen are the rudest among any employees in the world.
If there were no private banks in india to threaten these banks then there would have been no ATMs, there would have been no improvement in the behaviour of these employees of the public sector. If there were no private transport system then there would have been no improvement in the transport system of india. If there were no private airlines then there would have been no improvement in our airlines. If there were no private telephone carriers then there would have been no IT revolution in india. If tomorrow all people in USA decide to buy only good made in USA then they will be 100 years behind any other country since making an gadget in asian countries like china, taiwan or india costs atleast 10 times less than what it costs to make it in USA. Many of the things like tomato, chilli were not from india including electricity, automobiles etc, so should we reject them too? One should always choose a better service or product when available because only that will encourage competition and betterment of the existing service and product. The worst thing that one can have in the world of consumerism or even employment is loyalty. Brand loyalty will ruin a product and makes the makers of the brand lazy since they already have an established market and they dont want to improve it anymore but just maintain it. If tomorrow a telephone carrier has all of its customers as loyal as they can be with it then they never have to worry about improving their service and there would be no reason for others to compete with this telephone carrier since anyway they are not going to get their customers since they are loyal with it. I think the same is applicable for employment too. If a company or organization knows that its employees are not going to leave irrespective of no salary hike for year, no remuneration, no standard facilities or deterioration of the work culture then they will never try to improve the conditions of their employees since now they are taken for granted anyway. If a production environment has no people to produce since they are fast moving to someone who treats them right or pays them well then obviously the current organization will be forced to be competitive in taking care of its employees in terms of remuneration and over all well being of its employees. Loyalty is a very dangerous thing which will lead to the deterioration of the society.
You might observe how a guy and girl take care of their looks, health, fitness, appearance to keep it pleasing to their partner but once they either get married or know that the other has no where to go to then they have taken each other for granted. Wife no more has the need to take care of the herself, groom herself, lose all that extra pounds, no need to dress well or cook well since her guy is tied to her now and she has no "need" of putting an effort to please him. The same is true for the guy too once they are wed-locked with each other. This is the reason why it is better to always move to a place or move towards someone where you are treated better or atleast you will be treated accordingly, the way you treat others or the way you treat a place. If someone or some place is ready to invest the same devotion and dedication in you the way you do to them then you are a coward not to take that chance who would rather stay cozy with known devil than an unknown possible sanity.