Saturday, June 7, 2014

Horizontal Growth System (HGS) against the Vertical Growth System (VGS)

Many are predicting that majority of a country's population (as much as 90%) will some day live in cities ( I hope it is not the conspiracy of some real estate goons, lol) and I do not know why is that such a great news. It saddens to know that many have to leave their home, people, neighbors, favorite restaurants, favorite hang out places or the memories of their childhood to earn a living to some far away place where nobody knows nobody and they try to nobody and even after knowing the nobodies none will know till a month passes by when you die in your bed with old age until you smell too rotten to your neighbor.
Shouldnt out aim be to develop all the regions equally, together? Is it not our priority to have an inclusive growth? If we want the inclusive growth to happen then we should slowly scatter the sources of growth all around the place to promote inclusive growth where there are multiple centers of growth. It is also a great thing to do in terms of national security since if you have 90% of a country's population living in one place it is easy to finish off a country's majority of the the population along with all the main leaders of the country with just one bomb.
Imagine if a country like India has 26 capital cities for each state and 90% of the population of a state lives in the capital city of that state then all it takes for another country to destroy is less than 30 bombs.
The power or source of these growths are not just industries or farming but mainly the education centers. one should give a choice to the colleges which are offering degrees in the city but meeting up the expectations to either lose their license to offer the degrees (Medicine, engineering, diplomas etc.,) or move out of the main city and to a district from where a lot of students are coming to study to city. Let us say there are 20 districts in a state and there are 200 engineering colleges then our goal should be to distribute 10 colleges per district. Many employers flock to a place where there is talent and now if the talent is spread across the state the employers too will spread. This will improve the stability of the employees too since now they cant jump to another employer every year since all the major companies are in the same city. It will lessen the burden of the city, reduce the cost of the living, student now will have to stay or move to a different district or state for studies and that will end racism by letting them interact with the other part of the country's people. Instead of 1 mega center of power, growth and population now we have multiple powers of growth offering redundancy and inclusive growth. We must try to reduce the burden of the city by creating alternate centers and regions of growth, employment and opportunities in every district.
This will put an end to hunger, parents having to die a lonely death at their old age, traffic jams in cities, unemployment,cost of living, cheaper real estates and a lot other things which are caused by crowded population at one place.
I will make it even simple for you if you don't want to read all this. If 90% of the earth's or a country's population lives in the city then one nuclear bomb is enough to take down the whole country, a single contamination of the water source for the city is more than enough to take down the whole country, a single power failure to a city is enough to take down the whole country or a single man made or natural epidemic is more than enough to take down the whole country.