Saturday, May 24, 2014

Big Bang, Darwin and Bible, Can all be true at the same time?

As per hinduism one day of brahma (Creator aspect of Almighty) or Brahman (The Almighty Force/God)  is 4320,000,000 man years also known as kalp. As per bible the creation happened in 6 days but it doesnt say it is 6 man days as we know there was no man, there was no earth, there was no sunrise or sunset to calculate a day and neither was there any solar system or galaxy or  stars for that matter. As per big bang theory it was a massive explosion and it is still an expanding universe due to that explosion. The big bang theory tells us that after the explosion the gaseous materials and the residues were all combined, collided and later it all evolved into the present universe. If we take both the big bang theory and the biblical version of creation as true (including the darwin's theory) we are left with one question! What kind of day is the bible talking about? when there was no sunrise, sunset, earth or any of the planets for that matter. So it must be the day at the heavens or at the place of the creator or the force behind this creation (atheists please be with me a little longer and agnostics too...). After life was created the tadpole became ape, ape evolved into a man as per darwin's theory. Just for the argument sake if we take the darwin's theory, big bang theory and the bible's version of creation as true then we come to the conclusion that from the day of the big bang explosion to the day the ape evolved into a man it took 6 brahman days that is 6*4320,000,000 man years (25.9 billion years) . As per Big Bang theorists it happened approximately 13 billion years ago. You might ask how did Hindus came up with this number? well don't ask me but ask some spiritual leaders or hindu gurus because I too dont know how they calculated the exact number of moons around the saturn along with their speed of rotation and axis of rotation without a telescope but as someone who belongs to this oldest surviving culture and race on the face of the earth who invented the 0 I can certainly tell you that early humans were genius. Bible doesnt say creation happened just like that and neither does it say that he created the man by evolving a primitive into a human being so can it be that it was 6 brahman days the creator [Here creator doesnt have to be some man in the cloud but here when I say God I mean G(eneration)O(peration)D(estruction)] took from the big bang to the evolution of the human from a primitive organism ?! I don't know but I am just asking.