Sunday, February 9, 2014

One Law One Nation (My Idea of uniform civil code)

If you have 3 children and if you are unfairly lineant and dear to the youngest and provide unparallelled advantages to the youngest over his or her siblings then it is obvious that the other two will be jealous, which leads to hatred and anger. This is the main basis of division in the society. When we declare all of us to be the children of this nation but still provide unfair advantages to one section of the society in the name of caste, religion, origin or other reasons we create not only jealousy among the members of the society but divisions leading to collisions and disharmony. This is only beneficial to the people in power to remain in power since now people can be busy fighting each other than fight those in power to do right for the society. This can only benefit the western countries which are actively funding such reservations and castist movements in bharath (Hindustan or India) so that the real talent can run away from bharath to come to them to prosper their nation since in bharath now the progress and recognition of a person are not base don merit or talent but based on caste, creed, color, religion, origin and affiliations. A huge chunk of NASA, Microsoft, Google and many corporations are bharatiyas (hindustanis or indians) which shows why our system is rotting since those who run the systems have been put their not because they are qualified or talented but because they are from a reservation category. This unequality is not just about reservation in jobs or college admission or other aspects of power in the society but it is scarring our society in the name of feminism which has become a disguise for the Marxist fascism.
Things need to change irreversibly
  1. end of any kind of reservation in any field for anyone.This means now all the posts in govt. or private sectors will be filled by those who deserve it but not those who reserve it. This also means right people doing the right job and no brain drain will occur which is holding back our country.
  2. no separate legal or political privilege to any particular gender, religion, people of origin or any community of people.
    This means all the gender privileges given to women will be taken off. Currently a women can accuse a man of dowry harassment or domestic violence and his entire family can be put in jail without any warrant or any preliminary proof. Currently a women will get half of a man's property after divorce. So all a pretty women has to do is keep divorcing men to get half of their property each and every time. overwhelmingly more than 80% of the cases filed by women on their men are proven to be false or incorrect to take revenge on them in the court of law.
    This also means that no temples will be taxed or controlled by govt. since no mosques or churches are controlled or taxed by govt.
    No muslim will be allowed to marry 4 wives since all can have just one legal weding partner at a time. In india there is a scarcity of women to men as per the national gender ratio and to correct it this is necessary.
    no mosques will use loud speakers and nor do the temples which disturb others who are in and around those places.
  3. no more more draconian fascist feminism They claim that men and women should be given equal rights but with the method of mere fear psychosis fascist feminists have divided our country between genders. Women have been given more benefits of being divorced than being in a wedlock. Unless there is a pre nuptual agreement a couple will not share each other's properly after divorce and no one needs to pay any kind of alimony to anyone. There shouldn't be any gender based reservations in the system too. no more abuse of domestic violence or dowry harassment cases where a women can get the entire family of the husband in jail without an option for bail and they dont need to prove in court that dowry harassment or domestic violence took place but instead the man's family and the man has to prove that it didnt take place. so here the man will be assumed guilty until proven innocent.