Monday, February 3, 2014

'ADticles' the new age of sublime and deceptive advertising

When I read the story about how 'Google Saved An Estimated $887 Million By Paying Adblock To Show Its Ads' i wasn't surprised at all. Politicians have been using media houses to promote themselves by making these media houses run their promotions in the form of genuine articles. Nobody wants to see ads now, If the user has a chance then he will completely do away with all these advertisements. The famous transformers live action movies series one of those movies where automobile companies lined up to be featured in them. If you haven't yet wondered why do most of the users in hollywood movies use mac with that shiny apple logo than a PC ? even thought PC users are more than 75% of the total global computer users.
News agencies have realized that their consumers now have gone smarter by and they might be using methods like browsers add ons such as adblock plus, flashblock or ghostery which will take out those annoying ads out of your webpage. Many people are moving away from regular news channels to e news and regular TV entertainment to downloads and streaming. In order for these media houses to survive and thrive they are now throwing us the ads in the form of articles which i like to call as ADTICLE (Ad+article) which is basically an ad in the form of an article. I am noticing that these adticles are increasing day by day in my facebook newsfeed from the pages i have liked and following. So, next time when you wonder why are you seeing four to five new articles about one particular brand, product or person then make no mistake that there has been a serious amount of money spent to make you see that.