Friday, January 24, 2014

Solution to the world's shortage of clean water

A lot of the world's population including of my country have no access to drinking water and that shows that we have failed in the collective growth of humanity. Many may talk about the lack of food too but you cannot grow food without water. I have a very simple, extremely economical and effective solution to curb all this, especially in the developing and developed countries.

When it rains the water hits the ground and most of it gets evaporated due to sunlight and other factors. This is more true especially in the developed and developing countries where it is becoming harder and harder for the earth to absorb water due to high rise buildings, roads and other manmade real estate and transport routes who act as a barrier between the earth and water. In order for the earth to stay normal, ground to stay healthy and stable it should have a normal and certain level of moisture which is achieved through ground water. The more ground water we have in a place the healthier the soil will be with all the essential micro and macro organisms which keep the soil in a state which promotes the growth of the crops. When the land loses its moisture below its normal level we may start to see land slides and land craters where the land starts to collapse and form craters. Then do we have to go back to mud roads instead of tar roads ? live in stone buildings and caves or huts instead of high rise buildings ? No, we need not but our progress shouldnt affect the planet negatively but we should find out a way to bypass this negative effect on earth.

Since it is becoming harder and harder for the earth to absorb water, especially in the urban areas we should find a way to directly take the water to mother earth's belly. We should all first begin with roads, especially bridges and flyovers. The water which falls in these flyovers goes to waste and cause a small flood on the roads too. We should have pipes which bring that water to the ground at the sides of the flyovers. These pipes should be wide and at a 45 or 135 degrees to the ground. These pipes should attach to the another pipe on the ground which directly transports the water to the ground water zone of the earth. Under the flyover there is a lot of free place anyway and hence it can be installed easily. Between the contacts of these two pipes there should be 3 mechanisms which are easily achievable. mechanism 1) the water from the flyover should enter a filter pipe which connects the ground pipe. This filter should be installed at a 5-10 degrees more than that of the flyover pipe. This filter pipe will have a metallic filter which has 60% to 90% of of it area as holes or pores. This filter will be inserted at the middle of the pipe which divides the filter pipe into upper and lower openings. Only the lower opening should be connected to the ground pipe and the upper opening should be kept open outwards so that the unwanted garbage will be thrown out through a different opening. In very rare cases we might see a situation where if one wants to make sure the water can only go in but doesn't come out  then we can have a squared pipe on top of the ground pipe with a floating lid which only opens in wards but when the water starts to come out the lid floats and forces the lid to close the opening. Here the ground water reaches the underground directly thus avoiding unnecessary evaporation of the water. I wish I knew someone who makes such 3d models (physical or digital) to show this concept visually but I don't know any such person, If you are that person then please by my guest. We have to use water from the sea with huge pipes to refill the ground water beginning with the coastal areas of the sea. India is 75% surrounded by sea and thus we will not have any lack of water.

India has 4 seasons with 3 months rain. If all the flyovers in the city use this then there won't be any problems. If all the high rise buildings use this then there will be surplus water. Imagine a situation where nobody has to depend on govt. or public sectors to supply them with water anymore because you can take the water from the underground itself when you need it. All it takes is a simple law to mandate such installation for every flyovers, high rise buildings, apartments and then later to all the new coming houses to be built, private or public.

In our ancient Bharath this is what they did. They had open wells where they use to take water when needed and during the times of rain all the rain water was directed to the well. If you go to humpi, karnataka you will see that all the stone forts and vast buildings had these water redirectors to redirect every single drop to the underground. If those oldage people did it then why can't we ?