Sunday, December 15, 2013

Best ways to check out an employee !!!

"Make sure you tell them how great they are, how great their work is but how and why you can't and don't reward them for their greatness or contribution"
you can always tell a person to go out of a company if you are the boss, at-least that is how it was few years ago in almost all the companies and now that situation is still there in many companies if not not in all the organizations.
Over a period of time people have realized that it is messy to tell someone to go and you don't need them anymore. It can be because of their low performance or low efficiency or they have become a luxury or a white elephant. A white elephant is someone whose is an overkill for your need. A white elephant is someone who is very good at what he or she does but also have become and expensive and luxurious commodity. If you have job that can only by done by an elephant then you can get any elephant but a white elephant is rare and super expensive and it does not make sense to hire or keep it for its color or rarity. If you have a task which has to be achieved with with X amount of efficiency and someone over a period of time becomes an expert in it to achieve it at 2X or 3X amount of efficiency even though that is not your requirement. His achievement of course comes with some cost, you might have to pay him a lot more than others where as, as per your requirement of only X amount of efficiency you can always replace this white elephant with some regular elephant who can do the same task at same required or a little better efficiency but less than half of the cost to the company in terms of salary.
  1. The best way to tell someone go is not telling them go but to tell them how important you are to them and you do not wish them to go but in the mean time do nothing about it. 
  2. You can stop giving him raise, bonus. Make sure for the first few months or year or the terms he appears on the top of the list but let him know that how much the company appreciates his effort and how much you value his work but make sure you don't value it with rewards in terms of money or hike in his pay. This is the first and most important discouragement that as a member of the management you can do to let him know that it is time for him to go elsewhere. If you tell him to go out instead he will fight back with all the statistics about his performance, how he is better than others and it will take a long time and at the end you might lose since he knows his work and contribution better than you as a manager would do since you have to know your entire team members performance where as he has to be worried about just his.
  3. make him ask or fight for something which others might get it easily, almost as easily as something which is granted. If you have to approve his business trip travel allowance then take time to do so where as for others you take less time to do it and also make sure you show your sincere regret for the delay that is being caused.
  4. Rig his stats if you can to make sure he is not highlighted as the topper and also at the same time let one of his juniors or sub ordinates shine but always make sure to let him know that how highly you think of him as a senior and a performer. If he comes to you about his statistics about his performance being incorrect or not shown correctly and show your sincere sympathy and regret but do it again after some time. If he finds again then you will get a chance to tell him how you regret it and tell them how the other department or someone else is responsible for it and how much you value his work and performance and make him aware of your good intentions where as in actuality you are trying to discourage him since there is always some or the other time they will get tired of trying to find errors in your reports or they will miss and they will start believing that their actual performance is what the card or the rigged stats show.
  5. Always have a small talk with them and make sure all your discouragement towards them is channeled indirectly and discreetly. It is also very important for you to believe and know that you will actually be doing him a favor to him by making him go (usually said as letting him go) since for his talent he is sure to get a job outside for a much better pay and perks.
  6. If the above are not that effective enough, even though they are effective then find a way and time to tell him that how much you wonder why you are not venturing outside and see the world or work abroad or not exploring the excellent opportunities which are thrice as rewarding as his current role or job can offer since he is way too talented and  more worthy than for his current role and designation and the rewards that come with it.