Saturday, October 12, 2013

Plan your Flu

So now it is obvious to all of us that flu, common cold, cough, throat infection are the things which are inter-related and anyone of them if neglected will bring the others along with it and you can't prevent them but yes you can avoid them.

I have had flu twice in this last 6 weeks and both of the times it started off with a throat infection. I have seen that throat infection initiates cold>running>nose>blocked nose>fever+cough. Since there is no immediate cure for these I will be ready the next time it comes and I want you to know successful plan to combat it and damn I am gonna defeat it from now on.
It is better to take medicine as your food than take medicine after you get sick. So, take honey everyday. Ancient well to do Hindus used honey as a sweetener in their food and jaggery was used by those who couldnt afford to use honey everyday in everything. Honey in ayurveda playes a very important role in medicine where almost medicine is suggested to be taken with (wild honey if possible) honey to increase the effectiveness of the medicine. Among many uses of honey the main and most useful are its potential to hep in the following
increase the immunity,
sore throats & coughs,
increase metabolism & cause weight loss,
wounds, burns and cuts,
help with hay fever,
healthy skin,
athletic performance and many more...
If you are a tea or a coffee drinker then everyday use honey instead of sugar if you do not like the taste of it or do not know how to use it daily. It is a win win situation. About that tea again I will touch that subject again in a while.

You might have heard the famous saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away', well I cant verify that but a Vitamin C tablet a day keeps the cold away for sure. Vitamin C helps us in
fights cold,
antibiotic, antioxident,
maintain blood sugar level,

Warm cloth isnt warm enough. Most of the people wear clothes to keep them warm when they have flu but that isnt enough. The whole idea of curing fever/flu as per the british/english medicine is to make you sweat. So you must wear (so many or so warm) clothes which will make you sweat and you must feel hot instead of feeling cold. A banyan, t shirt and a shirt were enough to keep me warm during an attack of flu but i went ahead and added a jacket and a hoodie pull over. Now I was feeling hot instead of cold.

Let us also look at my grandma's, her grandma's traditional way of doing some things.
  • If at night for some reason if you have a heavy cough and cant get to a doctor or the cough syrup isnt helping then the best instant kicker is a glass of water with 15%-25% turmeric powder.
  • Garlics+jaggery in equal quantity will also help you to stop it
  • During sleeping at night, sleep to the side where your heart is (usually left side but some people have their heart right side too)
  • Gargle with salt water twice or thrice a day.
  • Keep a wet sponge or cloth on your forehead if you are hit with a heavy flu at night with no access to doc. It will sure control it and you might have to wet the sponge again and again since it dries up quickly based on your temperature and this was usually done by mom or grand ma when I was a kid and dammit it works.
  • Eat something spicy but easy to digest (no fast/junk food please) to kick off your blocked nose for many hours.
  • Drink tea made out only from dry ginger powder. I strongly advice you to get some dry ginger (It will be white and powdery) and make some powder out of it and use it to make tea (just think of it as a tea powder but made out of ginger) instead of getting the powdered ginger since they will be low quality and low potency. If I could I would rather drink dry ginger tea every day since it just tastes so good and opens you up to a whole new stimuli.
  • Drink lemon tea if you can't have the ginger tea.
Use turmeric in your daily food as a spice because it just enhances the taste and moreover in ayurveda there are many benefits of turmeric mentioned that you might want to take it everyday. One of the most recent finding is it will help you avoid Alzheimer's disease.
So in short to avoid flu & related side effects
  • 1 Vitamin C tablet a day whether you have cold or not.
  •  Honey everyday
  • turmeric in your food
  • replace your morning or evening tea with med teas like dry ginger tea or lemon tea
If you already have flu then along with the above please try
  • gargling with salt water
  • sleep towards the side of your heart to reduce heavy cough at night
  • turmeric+water to instantly reduce cough
  • garlic+Jaggery to instantly reduce cough
and of course you will go see a doctor. If I have missed something please do not hesitate to give your input via comments below. share if you care  because these are all tested by me and followed by mine and other families of our relatives from ages.