Friday, April 12, 2013

The use of pubic (and armpit) hair

This article was a tough one to write  for me since i did not want any of my friends to false accuse and tease of me of having what i describe here for the safety of the next-gen but i think the thought of helping some people to avoid a life long health maintenance and fear of an outbreak is worth that simple tease by few.
The other day i was wondering why haven't we had any major technological innovation or invention for trimming our body hair. It is the same age old procedure but now it runs on battery. I wish there was just an oil or laser treatment which can permanently do away with the unwanted hair and women would have had their one time eye brow or upperlip hair removal process and it would have been so easy on their husband's pocket. I often use to wonder, what is the purpose of pubic hair and most of the websites (medical) claim that it is just an evolutionary process and they dont have any particular purpose. They say Pheromones get trapped in the pubic hair and its scent might attract the opposite sex and in modern days it might not be useful since many of us dont like the body odor of others while only few or none can be attracted to someone's body odor, where as most of us use perfumes and other deodorants to mask our body odors. However in the same context i stumbled upon a very interesting article and i wonder how all the medical science missed it or did they just neglected it. It was a story about a women who had shaved her pubic hair on the same day before her boyfriend was  orally intimate with her on her reproductive organs. Her boyfriend at that time did not have any herpes symptoms, but later they found out that he had oral herpes (HSV 1) and it usually takes a few weeks to 4 months to have its first outbreak or symptoms. She caught the disease too and she got her blood tested and she indeed had hsv 1. hsv 1 is a kind of herpes which is not actually an std but it can spread through a simple touch of the infected area  or by coming in contact with any material which has been in contact with that infected area. ex:- a friend of you had a hsv1 herpes on her arm and she was wearing a nice dress on that day of the symptoms. you borrow that dress and wear it and now you might have that infection too. If your friend has been infected with hsv1 herpes, orally and he/she has not yet shown any symptoms but you exchange a kiss with that person and now you might just have herpes. you bite the same fruit as the other person with the hsv1 and that person with the hsv1 has transferred few hsv1 viruses on that fruit via his bleeding gums and they cant be seen through naked eyes. So anyway that women who got this disease via his boyfriend was implying that if only she had not shaved her reproductive organ fully but instead she should have trimmed it and then she might not have had the hsv1 infection. since she had cleanshaved on that day and all the pores of the hair follicle were open and some might just be bleeding or there might have been a cut which makes a nice area for the hsv1 virus to sit and get transmitted into the new host. If she hadnt shaved completely but instead had it trimmed then the hsv1 would be sitting on the hair and probably it would have been gone after a nice bath. Even if your partner with hsv1/hsv2 is wearing a barrier you might still get infected with an std which is around his penal shaft, genitalia or his thighs but if you have pubic hair (even better if both of you have trimmed/untrimmed pubic hair) then it might create a barrier between your skin and the virus. Since you are not clean shaved and there are no pores of hair or blade cuts exposed you will reduce your chances of contraction with an std. The best solution however is to stay faithful to your partner. I have no medical degree but i am a former science student and hence this is my suggestion to trim your pubic hair but not to do away with them completely. I am open for suggestions and please correct me if i am wrong but I am sure I have made a logical argument here and one more thing, by trimming and not shaving, you will have lower chances of folliculitis too.
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