Sunday, April 28, 2013

What future holds for us

Who would have thought that there would be HD video, self driving cars and wi fi ? well some people predicted it with quite certainty and many like me just wished for it. I may not ray kurzweil in this matter but i do think the future is interesting in terms of technology and it will keep getting interesting and of course more messy.
1. By 2050 we may not be needing any input output devices like keyboard, mouse, touchscreen or touch pads. Your thoughts are enough to type, search or do any task on your computer which you normally do with your I/O devices. It also means that you will have to mask yourself from TTs or Thought Tress-passers who will try to steal your thought and try to read your mind without your knowledge and try to know your secrets. This will also lead to a new type of mind-hacking where hackers will try to gain access to your personal and financial details over the web with the help of some social hacking. Companies like google who search keywords from your emails to judge what ads might interest you, may start browsing your mind and see what you really need and what you really want. Future matchmaking will be much easier with automated soft-wares with access to your minds may find a proper match for you on your favorite matrimonial or dating site. The product you may want to watch out in this segment is NeuroSky Mindset with its future variations. We will be able to do most of the daily tasks such as changing the temperature of the refrigerator, changing tv channels, send mails typing, browsing etc., with just our thoughts. People with bionic limbs will be able to control them with their thoughts without having to rely on dumb prosthetic limbs.
2. Our vehicles are autopiloted, our body parts can be replaced with mechanized/digitized versions which can be controlled, shutdown or damaged remotely by people with vested interest and of course we know people who tried to warn us about it got a mysterious death like the hacker barnaby jack.

---more such nonsense for later... :P