Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why is it a sin to pay beggars in india ?

 There is a small house which is being constructed right in front of the 1bhk where i am staying as a tenant. The construction workers are paid 500Rs/day as on 5/2/2013. These workers work from 9am to 1pm and then from 2pm to 5pm or 6pm. So that is 8 to 9 hours. This money is untaxed of course and they earn about 15,000 INR a month. My neighbor is an MBA graduate and his rent is almost the same as mine and he pays around 7.5k per month as rent and his pay per month is 12k to 14k as on 5/2/2013 and he pays taxes.
Let us consider another indian who too earns money by threatening to show off his genitals if you don't give him or her, your money. Meet 'lalbagh' the pride garden of bengaluru. Here you can find some cross dressers and transsexuals who will approach the couples who are sitting cozily in a park and ask for money. If you do not pay they just lift their saree and skirt and expose their unshaved genitals and fearing this the guy will pay the ransom, otherwise you will be embarrassed in front of your date and that might be your last date with her. These 'hijdas' (eunuch) don't even leave those families who have come there for a time out and they just want the money.These cons are not just in gardens but they are almost in every circle where you have a signal which stops vehicles. I have seen such pinheads making as low as 8,000 to 10,000 in 2 to 3 hours and once such amount is made they give this money to their money handler in the park whose sole job is to transport that money to a safe place and come back for more.
There was a report of an incident which supposedly happened in chennai, a young boy was kidnapped from a neighboring state and his sex was changed to a girl and was made to beg and used for prostitution by gangs who specialize in all this. Today indian government provides free food at government schools but still you see kids on the streets asking for money to eat and they say they are starving?! These are those kids employed by such gangs using some or the other kind of illegal force and method to make them beg in the day and use them for sexual purposes at night. There have been various reports of people abroad coming to india for some pedophilic activities who usually have contacts of those who lend such (forcefully orphaned sometimes by kidnapping at a very young age) orphaned kids for such activities.
My friend tells me about the lady near his house who is a professional beggar. this old lady goes to a different area in her normal clothes and begs, she is begging in that area from 30 years and now she has her own house, she has given the other 2 houses for rent, her 2 kids have property in dubai. I am not saying all beggars are the same, but i am saying that if you really want to help them then direct them to a nearest NGO, school or orphanage or to a place where they have some work but do not pay them and be a reason for their demise which will essentially and eventually cause the society's demise. There are many who have enough self respect to work for money, inspite of being physically challenged. I have stopped paying any beggar no matter what, even a begging lady with a crying baby with her won't get a penny from me since most probably as always the baby is a hired toddler from a fellow beggar whose mother lend's her kid to others who will pinch them in public to make it cry so that we see the kid and pay some money.
My uncles are farmers and many of the times they have had a big shortage of workers in their farm that they are not getting workers for even triple the regular pay, if only all these beggars, cross dressers, snake charmers and other fraudsters go and find some work.....but it seems their current profession to these people is more profitable due to our ignorance than working at a construction site for 15,000 a month or working at a farm for similar money + free grains or vegetables from the farm. Just imagine if a tea shop owner behind our office who also sells some indian fast foods like bajji, vade and idli, makes a profit of nearly 20k to 25k; the mini moving cart hotel which only makes rotis and 2 curries, makes a profit of 20k to 25k but these people do not want to do that, either because they are completely satisfied begging on the streets under the harsh sunlight for money or its way too profitable or anti social elements are forcing them to beg. None of these 3 reasons are valid enough for me to pay them money. Sorry it is just my opinion and if yours is different then let's agree to disagree, shall we?!