Tuesday, February 5, 2013

SelfKill of government sectors in india

Government knows that government sectors are a burden to the government and may not be a good idea for progress in india. Unlike private sectors government sectors like BSNL (Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited), BEML and HAL etc., have the responsibility to satisfy all religions, castes and subcastes when they are hiring employees for their sector based on reservation quota set by government. They also have to pay pension to the retired employee. Many of the sectors also provide houses for stay till you are employed like HTM, HAL etc., Today if an employee of HTM has to rent the house that has been offered for free to him by the govt. sector then it would cost him more than his salary in a town like bengaluru. There is a saying in India which goes somewhat like this 'govt. job is like a god's job, only god should come and do it'. Govt. sector employees are known to be rude especially 10 years ago where there were no private banks, the bank employees use to behave with you as if they are doing us a favor by keeping our money but now after the entry of private sectors a lot has changed.

Private sectors offer you a job based on your qualification where as govt. sectors offer you jobs based on your birth, politicos recommendations, bribe and influence and thus the quality of the workforce at govt. sector is low with high maintenance where as with private sectors it is the opposite. If you go to govt. sector bank today you will see that the dress sense, the behavior and the way these 50+ year old employees work are rude and unprofessional where as a private bank will have young employees whose pay might be tagged to the way they work, their courteousness and their achievements unlike govt. employees. When a private sector and a govt. sector in the telecom industry (ex: BSNL Vs Airtel) are competing with each other then Airtel will obviously have an advantage since their customer care executives were hired because they have good communication skills where as in BSNL you will be hired because you have some political affiliation or your religion/caste is under reservation quota. If you ever call BSNL and report a problem you will know that apart from their opening statement they cannot speak a word of english and they want you to speak in a language which they speak rather than the language of your preference. Even If i speak to them in Kannada (regional language of Karnataka) or Hindi (unofficial national language of India) they cannot speak these language fluently too and most of them will be outright rude to you as if they are doing you a favor by giving you a mobile phone connection and they will never even ask you to stay with them if you say that you will leave their network and move to Airtel. This all happens because there is a very unfair high level of job security which has given to these govt. employees for granted and they are allowed to literally take their jobs for granted. It is almost impossible or highly unlikely for a govt. employee to fired for non performance because almost none of the govt. sectors have parameters to measure performance. Almost all govt. sectors in india have been trend followers at the verge of extinction rather than taking a step forward and do what is necessary. It was private sectors like Citibank which forced the govt. sectors like SBI to open up ATMs since citibank started taking away their customers with their superior facilities like same day account opening, credit card, debit card, check book facility where as in a SBI bank we still have to get a referral from an existing SBI account holder, then apply for an account, open account after standing in queue for hours and taking your application through multiple tables you will have an account. Then your debit card will be shipped to your address a week after, your ipin will be shipped a week after that, then you need to apply for a check book separately so that you can write cheques. You can only apply for e-banking separately after maintaining a minimum balance of some amount of money for some defined period of time.
Bottom line is, there is no need for the private sectors to compete with the govt. sectors since they have already poisoned by the govt. policies such as reservation which pushes unqualified candidates into the govt. sector and where performance is not a parameter. In private sectors your career depends on your performance and qualification not your age, religion or political affiliation thus the quality of service will always be better than the govt. sectors and in the long run these govt. sectors will be closed. Currently there is a monopoly of government in the transport sectors like railway department and may be thats why indian railways are known as the worlds longest toilets.