Thursday, January 3, 2013

Why do we keep going back to get hurt

Have you ever wondered why someone keeps getting cheated by the same person, keeps getting hurt by the same people but still they go back to them even after swearing never to go back to those who make them miserable?!

It is natural in humans to want to be accepted. If you like someone and they do not feel the same for you and sometimes even they hurt you but you might still go back to them. I do not know what is the psychological term to define it but this condition is there in all in varied quantity.
Suma (imaginary names) is a girl who is in college now and excited to meet new friends who are in the same dorm or same class. There are some cool class mates with whom she would like to be around. Those classmates are sometime mean to others and they are sometimes mean to her too, probably because she doesnt have a tatto as them, she doesnt have a cool boyfriend with a sportsbike or may be because of her economic status but this girl after few days of deciding not to go back to them after how they treated her, goes back to them voluntarily or with the receivel of a slightest friendly gesture from them and right in the bottom of her heart she knows that it might not last long. Just like everyone she too expects things to be right, when she sees them wrong she hopes them to be right and this special urge in humans drives them to such hurt-magnets; here hurt-magnets are those who or which can hurt or harm you but since you hoped and wished it might or should have been a source of some joy, you will go towards it upon the slightest of your version of that hurt-magnet. Suma thought this group would give a good company to her through out her college life but her mind is not ready to completely accept that it was wrong about it and thus when a false hope shows up that her mind could have been right then it will forces her to go and give herself a chance in the hope of the false hope might be the fact.
There have been some people who sometimes have started campaigning for those whose actions are completely against their ideals, There have been persons who believed in peace but they end up supporting and campaigning for a group which is anything but not peaceful. This happens because of our human nature, a nature drives which makes us want to be accepted, a nature which makes us create this false hope about something or someone so that based on that false comforting hope we drive ourselves and crash into that someone or something which stands there just to hurt us. Life is not just joy or misery but it is mystery too.