Sunday, January 27, 2013

Beware with online shops like flipkart and its rigged reviews.

Apart from online shopping being eco-friendly and a whole lot beneficial it has some cons too. literally!!!. Today I was checking out some organic soaps and accidentally noticed a strange thing. Some soaps from some company called soulflower are all rated 5 stars and mostly by some users repeatedly on the same day. Well if it was amazon then i would have thought for a second and felt that, well may be the promoters of this product are trying to con buyers with rigged reviews  by writing review about their own product but it is flipkart where not anyone can create an account and sell like ebay, amazon etc., but you create an account to buy. Flipakart is its own seller where it partners with vendors to sell products thus it becomes equally responsible for what it sells.
It's about the reviewer named shilpa bindhish

probably another hired reviewer who has no other reviews but for this company's soaps and that too all on the same day. I wonder how one can use 6-7 soaps a day from the same company at the same time and write the reviews for them at the same time and has no reviews about any other products of any other brand.

Of course, i will never buy any products from that soulflower company which i never heard of anyway but what bothers is how can they get away with it? how could the a no.1 online shop in india let them get away with it? unless there is a close nexus between them or flipkart is trying to tell us that they are not that sophisticated to check the rigged user
When I complained about it to flipkart with a review this is what they had to say apart from removing my review.

Thank you for posting your review for "Soulflower A for Anti-ageing Soap", dated 25th January 2013.

Your feedback regarding the review has been shared with the concerned team and we are investigating on it,  however all the reviews are checked for accuracy and moderated accordingly.

However, as per our review policy (, we solicit only product-specific reviews on the product page and hence your review on other review has been removed.

Could we please request that you repost the product review excluding mention of service?

We are in the process of rolling out a customer-centric forum welcoming your experiences and feedback on our services and products. In the meanwhile, please feel free to share your concerns or queries with us at

Yours Sincerely,
Keerthi Kumar .R
Customer Review Team