Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Men, women, Marxist feminism and sexism !

What they want from each other:
Girl: A clean future with him;
Guy: A clean past of her;
What they can't promise with each other:
Girl: A clean future with him;
Guy: Clean past of him

A male by nature is a polygamous in nature and a female is unstable like a mercury by nature. Both want the same thing from each other of which the same can't be promised from themselves, both seem to be hypocrites but that is what a modern couple want or may be not all of them but generally almost all of them.

Girl: Money isn't the factor in love or when choosing a life partner
but almost 99% of the world marriages show that a girl marries almost all the time a richer guy, a guy who is economically more well to do than her, when her parents were searching for a groom (arranged marriages, as most of them are arranged in Bharath aka India) the first thing that they look for in a guy is what is his income?!, gone are the days where they use to check whether the guy drinks, smokes, had affairs, what his relatives, neighbors and friends has to say about him, what is the opinion about his family in the society but the first and foremost criteria is that the guy needs to have a much higher income than the girl and her family and in exchange the girl's parents are ready to shell out huge dowry and other amenities like a big fat wedding.

Guy: Beauty isn't the factor in love or when choosing a life partner
Almost in all of the marriages as I have seen a girl is always better looking than a guy and it is a fact that guys do get attracted to those with great looks than great brain, character with average looks; most of the time they end up with those with whom they got attracted to and end up marrying them. They all say big curves does not matter but all the men ogle, stare and fantasize about them when they see a women with bigger curves.

Who needs to work harder?
Some say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; that might be true after marriage but before that the way to a man's heart is his eyes and a women's heart is her ears and that's why women do most of the make up and men lie the most.
Women's looks are nothing but a genetic accident. A permutation and combination of genes of her parents which gives her the looks that she has now and all she has to do is to preserve it where as a man the most desired feature in him 'the income' has to be earned most of the time by himself. even if he gets his ancestor's property he still needs to maintain it, grow it and manage it. A girl can maintain her looks by just sitting at home in front of the mirror but a guy has to go out, work out the odds, invest, take risks to maintain his ancestor's property and a constant income from it. Most of the men do not have any ancestor's property to show off so they have to study
harder than a girl to get her,
score better than girl to get her,
get a better job to get her,
earn better than to get her, in short they have to always do a lot better than her to get her inspite of giving them a sharp edge in every competition. Please remember that in an office if a man comes with his shirt's button open he might lose an increment but if a women comes with her shirt buttons open she is sure to get an increment.  not always but almost always. A man has to go to gym to get his six packs are a swollen chest and biceps, a girl has to just avoid food and this is the reality most of us are denial with. In society who know these imbalances are the ones who always declare that women is a victim and man is the culprit, they are the one who campaign for reservation and special rights for women over men in the constitution and other sectors most often in a very unfair manner with unfair demands but they always do it in the name of equality. Today most of the special rights for women over men are given by men in power but still men are always demonized against women. It is not untrue that a mother gives birth and love to a child which a man can't do but even a fertile land is of no use without the seeds to grow crop.
It seems now feminism has taken its root from far left Marxism. The best way to destroy a country is to create inequality in the society among its members. Show appeasement to a particular section or part of the society and thus make them being hated by those who aren't being appeased due to seer jealousy. Today in india a women can lock her husband and his family with a non bailable warrant and she can do that without having to provide any evidence and all this is possible in the name of feminism and 2 draconian laws called 'anti dowry law' and 'domestic harassment law'. Government of india as of now on march 2013 is trying to introduce another law called 'anti rape law' where a women can lock up a man by a simple accusation without having the need of a medical examination, evidence or any circumstantial proof, a simple accusation is enough.
May be all this bigotry and pseudo sexist laws against men and the bullying act of the law+ society against men in favor of women is leading the men to think of taliban style as an alternate where a women has absolutely no or the least amount of rights, hope that doesn't happen.