Thursday, November 22, 2012

Amar Chitra Katha and its distortion of indian history and Heritage

When i saw the pack of amar chitra katha complete series package on bookshelves in a big bookstore containing the stories of hindu devatha's and other history of great indian personalities i thought it would be a great help to our young generation by offering them an entertaining way to our culture and history. Later I realized that all the facts and stories are very distorted and plagiarized completely against the puranas, itihas and history books. One such example is they have shown prithviraj chauhan as a viallain who kills his own brother for throne where as we all know how he kicked out the muslim invader more than 10 times and still forgave the moghul ruler and spared his life. It seems it has been purchased or run by anti indian and/or anti hindu elements which want to distort the facts and create a confusion in the minds of the young generation.
I advice anyone against gifting such books to anyone and discourage others from purchasing them too.