Thursday, October 18, 2012

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB), Hairloss and Red hot chilli pepper

I have a friend who is taking treatment for hailoss and he is spending 3k. He said it has worked for his friends and it should for him too. Many a type of baldness, hairloss especially the Male Pattern Baldness which are a result of DHT or genetic heritage are hard to conceive or cure.
I recently came to know about a rather scary and strange indian remedy known to cure and gradually reverse the baldness. The cure is Red hot Chilli+pepper as an optional add on. You can use the powder of these two with any oil especially coconut oil or even better mix it with raw aloe vera gel (not the aloe vera extract) another great all natural herbal extract and use it as a paste to the affected area, leave it for a while and wash it off. Do it once a week on weekend or when you have time., then take a bath and clean your hair. A shikakai or shikakai based shampoo was recommended to clean your hair after few moments of this paste on your head and of course you have to apply it in such a way that it reaches your scalp and the roots of the hairs. Many have informed that it has worked for them like a magic potion and it is being used as a remedy for MPB from ages in india. so finally the solution is
1. Red Hot Chilli Powder+Pepper Powder+Aloe Vera Gel (not the extract)--->Apply to the affected   area of the scalp
2. After few minutes wash it off with a shikakai based product.
3. Do it twice a month or once a week for faster results.
All safe, natural, no side effects.
Please let me know if it has worked for you. Those who have recommended this to others said it has worked for them 100%.
If you want you can keep the % of chilli and pepper  in aloe vera paste as very low in the beginning and then later increase it once you are comfortable with it.

Alternatively you can only use a paste of chilli powder and that is enough but if you mix it with aloe vera or coconut oil it will reduce the burning