Sunday, October 14, 2012

Google showing off his ass(w)holeness with it's google maps

If you think you know everything about google's way of using every bit of your data to make money from their ads then you will be surprised with what i am going to say.
Today 10/14/2012 I tried to search my way to orion mall, Dr Rajkumar Road, Subramanyanagar  Bangalore, Karnataka, India from a nearest place but instead it showed me the way to McDonalds inside/near the orion on the below pic to see the actual search result. orion mall is the biggest mall in this IT Capital of india and if somebody tells me google doesnt know where it is then i won't buy it.
I was wondering why this happened. Then it hit me. 2 hours ago i ordered something from mcdonalds to my home for me and my friend. They only had my number and google has my phone number and email. It is no wonder that a big food chain restaurant like McDonalds is tied up with google but how and why could they share my personal data with google is very strange. Dont they have any ethics to protect their customer's details, oh wait, advertising and intrusively promoting their products is more important to them than the customers. It is not the customer's that they want but it's their money they are after. The same search at bing gave me a different result a much pleasant one.