Monday, July 9, 2012

The hypocrisy of Hipchicks of the online age

It baffled me why some girls disable their Facebook account every now and then and then come back with a bang till recently i spoke to one of them who does it. This is typically true with Indian girls where most of the (more than 90%) of the marriages are arranged. In this online age almost every guy wants to find our more about their girl through google, facebook, twitter and other online social networking sites. The girl i spoke to told me that whenever there is a good prospect for her she disables her facebook account before the guy is given her details like her full name, email, phone and other details to consider so that the guy do not find anything about her which might create a negative image of her. A lot of girls start to limit the audience of their online albums to only close friends or relative who earlier use to share where they got drunk and the picture of her latest tattoo. They will disable or remove all those pics which might make them look not so cute like the one where they are not wearing any wonderbra to look their curves bigger than what they are or the one where she is seen too close and cosy with a gu, may be in his arms, bike or a party or a function. These are the same girls with fake boobs, fake lipcolor/lipstick, fake butt (implants), fake skin complexion (makeup), fake height (heels), fake hair (extentions) and hair color (dye), fake eyes (contacts), fake nails want a real man in their life; Isn't this the heights of idiocracy of hypocrisy