Monday, May 28, 2012

Only you are responsible for your failure

You might find the story boring so you might just want to know what is this about. Most often people blame others for their failures. Some blame their friends, fate, faith, god, family or their boss. It all starts to sound like an excuse when someone asks them to explain why they think that they are responsible for their failure. When you ask them more and more you begin to realize that it is the same with almost every human to blame others for their failure because it is much easier to do so.
Can someone steal your money if you were careful ? Is it right to blame McDonalds or Pizza Hut for you being fat when you are the one who went there to eat? People can only exploit you if there is something to be exploited in you, People can only fool you if there is foolishness in you, No one can make you to go against your well being unless you have not defined clearly what is needed for your well being and what is your well being. It is unfair to blame someone who tells you what you wanted to hear to make you feel good and make you act in their favor. It is you who agreed to do it at the end irrespective of what words or tactics they used to act in their favor; you wouldn't have done so if you were sure of what you want and what is your goal.

Disclaimer : -These are my personal views and these may not be connected with the people I know or the places I have worked or currently working.