Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gaming companies indirect assassination attempt of PC as a Gaming Platform

Gaming use to be a subject of ridicule and criticism few years ago where it was attached to a personality of losers who are not so intelligent or bright to do something else and still living in the kinder garden but today it is a multimillion dollar serious industry targeting people of every age and family.
Even though PC has always been the soul and the primary market of Gaming industry the appearance of consoles like x box, playstation, wee etc has given some advantages to the game studios and the companies which make such consoles. The piracy can be controlled on such console based games where as the same thing cant be true for PC and unlike wee where per game you have to buy separate toys to play a game and wee can make money per game, in pc only the studios who make the games make money. Building a gaming pc is a one time investment but with consoles they can reap money out of their customers even after they purchase the hardware and software. Now PC being the major gaming platform and they simply cant neglect it so they are trying cheap tricks to divert  the PC games to console gaming by making them feel that they are in a stage of disadvantage compared to the console based games where as it should be the other way around in reality.
The first example for this should be the Batman : Arkham City but the best example will be the recent EA blockbuster Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 employs the same cheap trick of arkham city but to a whole new level. It is a common sense that since a PC has more keys per 10 fingers than a console could ever have per 2 thumbs (as almost all the consoles are used with just 2 thumbs) which might not be a good idea for the ergonomics and you might fracture your thumbs after 20 hours of gameplay like me; however EA has cleverly made sure that in PC you have a disadvantage where as a PC gamer whenever you are running around the corner or near a cover you always sit and cover even though that is not what you want to do. Imagine you are running away from a heavy fire and you want to jump a small wall and take cover on the other side but instead in a PC you will be forced to sit in front of the cover/wall and then get up and then jump over the other side of the wall and take cover where as in a console based game you will just be jumping over the wall and take cover; obviously you will get killed as a PC gamer and you see that a console gamer (x box or playstation) can easily do what you wanted to do without that disadvantage. This is all because for a PC gamer there is just one key [space bar] for running, sitting and take cover, jump, roll over to the left side, roll over the right side in-spite of the abundance of keys on a keyboard compared to a console. If you have a PC and a console like xbox then play for yourself and you will know.