Friday, February 3, 2012

How to loot Hindus with the best investment option in India !!!

Everyone who has earned money wants to secure it or increase it through some form of investment. I have realized that the best way investment is to invest in religion especially in Hindu temples if you are in india. The most travelled pilgrimage place for Hindus in india are probably the tirupathi (which is the world's 3rd richest god or religious place after vatican) and the padmanabha swami temple is the 2nd richest in the world. Eventhough compared to mosques and churches, temples have tax you still can make a millions of dollars. Mosques do not have to pay any tax since politicians have exempted them from tax to appease the muslim votebank and churches are considered as internation organization and they are exempted from tax too.
Shabaimala may not be the india's 2nd most popular and traveled pilgrimage but definitely the 2nd most popular and crowd attracting pilgrimage in south india. The main attraction is the 'makara jyothi' which magically appears in the sky near the temple at a specific and same time of every year. The truth behind 'Makarajyothi' in Sabarimala. (Photo: Radhakrishnan Kuttoor)
This is the cement platform atop the Ponnambalamedu hill, where the light is lit. Circled portion is the Sabarimala Temple complex. Traditionally the Makarajyothi was lit by the Malayara tribal people as a part of their celebration. Since they left, the TDB has given it a divine touch claiming it is a star & built this cement platform to light the fire. Camphor is lit to give a white star like glow. Many officials had already admitted it. But it must be proven officially than it is a man made phenomenon & not divine as the TDB claims. Kerala govt & the TDB are guilty of fooling the pilgrims & the loss of 102 lives in the stampede!!. The money collection in these temples is huge and nobody exactly knows what happens to it. In shabarimala the devotees sleep like animals on the road and there are no basic facilities for the millions of people who come every year because the temple trust and the government knows that even if they do not do anything people will still come and pour money at the temple thinking that since they have bribed the god now all of their sins are washed and forgiven and they get ready to commit new. These temples do not really contribute anything to the hindu religion or society but other than sucking money out of pilgrims. During the pilgrimage the cost of travelling, eating and water all go up where as for Haj pilgrimage for muslims a huge subsidy from the tax money collected by the same hindus is used to give them a free ride in AC buses to Haj house and then the airplane tickets to dubai and so on. Tamilnadu govt.'s Jayalalitha has announced the subsidy for Christians too to travel to Jerusalem (votebank politics). We should forget about expecting something like using this huge amount of billions of dollars to spread or teach the elements of sanathana Vedic Dharma (hinduism) such as sanskrit, yoga or vecas but they don't even offer something back to these devotees with basic facilities like toilet or drinking water. If we look at the world's biggest temple (Hindu) complex Angkor Wat which has been recently found to be as big as new york city, we will come to know that temples use to be the heartbeat of hinduism. These temples use to receive a lot of funds from kings and people alike but the same money was used to uplift the Hindu society with gurukulas (Hindu Schools), Yog, Promoting Art, Promoting religious studies, Promoting Ayurveda (Hindu Medicine Practice) but nowadays the the corrupt trustees are only concentrating on be coming richer and richer giving the govt. a chance to take over the temple wealth and distribute to the abusers and attackers of the Hinduism. The money collected from these temples is being used by the current govt.s of india to promote other religions which at its core negate, hate, falsify and attack Hinduism. The same money is used to provide Haj subsidy to muslims, build mosques to muslims, build madrasa (islamic schools) to muslims, build churches and give subsidy to Christians to go to jerusalem etc.,.
Recently shabarimala trust refused to build roads to the tirumala hills saying that it will spoil the sanctity of the god even though every year many people die in a stampede and for the same reason girls/ladies/women are not allowed to shabarimala. Some say that it is an act of anti hindu christians, muslims and minority appeasing govt. which maintains such a low standard of these facilities so that people stop coming to the temples which might sound absurd but the fact remains that god won't stay in a place where crooks make money out of the blind faith of the devotees by exploiting them of their money in exchange of sub standard facilities even though they make billions of dollars which can make all this for free. What fools are these hindus who think that god will stay at a place or with those cheats who cheated a whole generation of people with a man made 'makara sky star' (makarajyothi) just to keep the footprints high and make money out of them.
If we go to shabarimala it is the similar story again but with better facilities and good roads since it is the 3rd richest religions place. The temple is made to look like a temple made of gold with copper plates coated with gold and surely it is a pleasure to the eyes to see. The facilities are good, roads are good, the staff are average, the cleanliness is below average. Tirupati is the god in tirumala surrounded by 7 hills and ironically here the god will see based on the amount of money that you have. you have many forms of tickets to see god which many book online. Most of the people joke about going to tirupati for its 'prasada' (tirupati laddu) which is so tasty and sweet that almost all of them buy few extra along with what they get for free by paying extra money. The costliest ticket will get you the quickest meet with god hence the richer you are the faster the god will meet you and the poorer you are longer the god will make you wait to meet you which is so ungodly and no god will ever do that. As Isha (jesus) said 'it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the heaven. I believe that god is one and all of us have found a different way and names to worship him or to get close to him and as a proud hindu(stani) it saddens me to see that all these people have fogotten the vedic concept of god or these people do not want them to know vedas otherwise their business will not run.
ISHKON is exactly the same as the last 3 letter its name i.e., KON. (International Sri Hare Krishna OrganizatioN) ISHKON was founded by srila prabhupadha the creator of hare rama hare krsna movement and he was indeed a great soul but after his death (many still believe that he was poisoned) these foreigners have taken over it and incidentally this is the only hindu organization which is registered as an international organization and billions of dollars goes out of hindus to these businessmen. Many of the priests of this ISHKON have been accused of adultery and paedophile but that doesnt stop people from donating to ISHKON and get conned. The only way to stop such outflow of huge money from an overpopulated developing country is to make a law that "no money from the religions institutions should go out of the nation"
and to make sure that all collections of a temple/masjid/church or any religions institutions per year should be spent within a year or else the money will go to the education department of the govt.

Every now and then all hindu organizations like VHP, RSS and the so called pro hindu parties like BJP  claim that there forceful conversions taking place in india by missionaries and jihadis; many are offered money to get converted and I do not deny it. In fact, my own friend does conversion of hindus who are suffering from poverty and have no jobs with money. He use to offer them few thousand rupees in exchange for them to change their name and go to church once every sunday. Instead of Hindus trying to loot other hindus in the name of god if they had used this money to help their own people of their own community this would have never happen. How can someone exploit you if you do not have any weakness or loopholes in your society and community? Even at tirupati other than the main tirupati to attract people who like different god there seems to some mini temples with other mini gods.
The finding is simple the best way to make money in india is to build huge beautiful temple and if possible bring some foreigners since nowadays we hindus seem to be getting high with foreigners accepting our faith. If you are NRI then even better, you can register your organization in your country and build temple in india and you won't be taxed since it will be an international organization just like the churches. If you are not an NRI then you can register it in US or mexico or anywhere and build temples in india and milt money out of it.
There are goons in the nearby religious places of tirupati like kalahasti who collect a huge money just to travel in the road to the temple in the name of parking fees and the place to park is a place where everybody urinates in open just near the temple. I am not questioning god but these people who make money out of it do not have the decency to keep it clean and build a toilet. In tirupati they do not allow cameras stating that it will spoil the sanctity of god. If taking pictures or an image of god spoils the sanctity of the god or the place then how and why did he create his own image in stone as an idol? will that not spoil his own sanctity by creating his own image in rock as an idol? The only intention behind this is to make sure that everybody visits that particular temple and they dont just get satisfied by seeing the pictures and videos of it. It is like you do not want your concert to be recorded since you are afraid that people are just going to listen to the recording and nobody will come to your concert and you will not make money.
I am pretty sure god curses these crooks for what they are doing if at all there is god in that place. We hindus have millions of gods and thus many temples for each god per city, per state or per region and if we hindus go to shiva temple in a city on shivrathri, krsna temple on krsna jayanthi, hanuma temple on hanuma jayanthi, ram temple on ram jayanthi and so on and on and on where as for christians it is very easy. Every church is a church and they woship the same god and in every masjid they pray the same god and thus it becomes very easy for them to propagate their religion with conversion where a poor hindu will be saved from all this money which he can use it for the education of his kids or his own benefit.
I will just give you one example whom does this temples really benefit. There is a murudeshwara temple in malleswaram, bengaluru next to adigas hotel which is famous for its masala dosa. Many decades ago it was just the murudeshwara temple. Later when it started becoming famous to attract hindus who like different gods they build mini temple inside the temple with different gods imitating gods of the famous pilgrimage places like kashi viswanath and others so that the children of the priest can have a job and they can also make money out of it. Tomorrow when these children of the children of the children.....of the original priest have more children they will build more temples somewhere or in the same place so that they can have their living by just chanting some mantras.
In vedic time the priests were highly learned people who were masters in sanskrit and they use to earn their living by receiving voluntary donations from the pupils they use to teach but nowadays it seems it has just become one big business.
I would like to end this note with a poem from jedara dasimayya (devara dasimayya) who was a weaver by profession.
ಉಳ್ಳವರು ಶಿವಾಲಯ ಮಾಡುವರು ನಾನೇನು ಮಾಡಲಿ ಬಡವನಯ್ಯಾ
ಎನ್ನ ಕಾಲೇ ಕಂಬ, ದೇಹವೇ ದೇಗುಲ, ಶಿರವೇ ಹೊನ್ನ ಕಳಸವಯ್ಯಾ
ಕೂಡಲಸಂಗಮದೇವಾ ಕೇಳಯ್ಯಾ, ಸ್ಥಾವರಕ್ಕಳಿವುಂಟು ಜಂಗಮಕ್ಕಳಿವಿಲ್ಲ,
uLLavaru shiválaya máduvaru nánénu mádali badavanayyá
enna kále kambha dehavé degula shiravé honna kaLashavayyá
Kúdala Sangama Devá keLayya sthavarakkaLivunTu jangamakaLivilla

The rich will make temples for Shiva. What shall I, a poor man, do?
My legs are pillars, The body the shrine, The head a cupola of gold.
Listen, O lord Kudal Sangama deva, Things standing shall fall, But the moving ever shall stay.