Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mysore university Medical College and Moms

It has been always a fact that indian parents give more importance to education than anything else. I remember when I was growing up the a local high school teacher was treated with the most respect than the richest person of the village or town.
I have a friend who studies in A famous Medical College of Mysore which is probably the only college in the world to allow its student's moms to stay with their students in their rooms (with a minimal charge of 120 Rupees per day) to provide a moral support. These moms not just provide them the moral support but also help them with their laundry, cook homemade food for them in the hostel's canteen and make sure their kids are not spending any of their time other than studying. They even bring their handmade food to their kids to their rooms so that they can cut down the time it takes to come down to the canteen and eat. This is really a unique arrangement and it is mostly used by female candidates/students. I was surprised to know that whenever there is the final exam of their term, these girls call their mom to stay with them and help. I spoke to one of the girl and she told me that more than the food or the help with the laundry it is mostly their moral support which relieves the stress and motivates to have someone of their own around other than friends.