Friday, November 25, 2011

The desperation of non vegetarians

The goal of this article is to declare that food habits are a personal choice and it should remain personal but should not become a means to achieve a cheap entertainment and amusement by trying to show the others who differ from your food habits as people who are lesser than you or your community.
I have noticed non vegetarians make fun of vegetarians many times but I used to neglect at it and laugh at it until recently I saw some bizarre illogical attempts to defend non vegetarian habits by offending vegetarians. It seems all non vegetarians are at the 2nd level of Mahatma Gandhi's thesis.First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Now they are at a laughing stage. I honestly believe that food habits are a personal choic and not a matter to be made fun of others.
 I would just like to take on some of the recent arguments put forth by non vegetarians
Argument 1: Killing innocent (plants with trees) is more barbaric than killing animals which have senses.
I would like quote dr. zakir naik who says If I have 2 brothers one who is deff and blind and another who has all his senses working. If tomorrow some criminal comes to my house and asks me that You have to let me kill any one of your brother then If I say kill the one who is deff and blind since he has 2 less senses then that would be a greater sin then letting kill my other brother who has all of his senses. In the same way killing plants and trees who has less senses unlike animals is more barbaric and sinful than killing animals for food.
Answer : Let us agree that killing plants and trees is more barbaric than killing animals for food.Lets give barbaric points in numbers.
consume meat  =2
consume plants =3
A typical non veg food contains meat (chicken, mutton, fish etc) and plants (edible oil, spices, rice etc) where as veg good contains only plants. Hence
Non Vegetarian = plants(edible oil, spices, rice etc)+meat(chicken, mutton, fish etc)
Non Vegetarian=5
Hence being non vegetarian is much barbaric and cruel than being vegetarian.
All of the non veg foods need the animals or birds to be killed where as most of the vegetarian foods like corn, fruits and many does not involve killing of plants.

Arguement 2 : Plants produce oxygen, animals overpopulate so go green by not killing plants and eat animals.
One animal or bird bred in poultry or anywhere else for slaughter consumes atleast 20 people's veg food in its lifetime. So if a veg meal kills x number of plants stopping y amount of oxygen to be produced then a full chicken meal kills 20x number of plants and 20y amount of oxygen produced. The animal or bird thus produced also consumes oxygen and releases carbon dioxide thus burdening the existing trees and plants.
Vegetarian meal=X(plants)+Y(oxygen)
Non Vegetarian meal=20X(plants)+20Y(oxygen)
The 20X amount of veg food consumed could have been used to feed 20 starving kids in africa, so every time you eat non-veg please remember that you are eating one non veg meal by keeping the 20 kids hungry elsewhere in the world.

Argument 3 : Non veg food makes you stronger than the vegetarian food
Usually people give examples of tiger, lion and other carnivorous animals when they are referring about strength. Yes, I totally agree that all these carnivorous animals are big and strong but the mightiest of all strong animals are still the vegetarians such as Elephant, chimpanzee, gorillas (according to jane goodall the world's renown expert on chimps 20% of the chimps food is insects and worms and it is only practiced as a social and cultural gesture among the groups of chimps but not for any nutrition since the energy that is required to find these insects and worms is far higher than the energy obtained by them), rhinos and others; even at the age of dinosaurs the mightiest was the vegetarian brachiosaraus not the T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex). The strongest man of Germany 2011 is a vegetarian.

Argument 4:  God gave humans canine teeth thus god wants us to eat
None of us were born circumcised hence god does not wants us to be Muslims!!!??? This argument is as false as the one before. God gave us a choice. He gave us more grinding teeth than the canine teeth. Grinding teeth are a feature of vegetarian animals such as cow, elephant, rhinos etc. Monkeys, chimps and gorillaz have bigger and stronger canine teeth but they are vegetarians. If monkeys know that just because we have canine teeth doesn't mean that they have to eat meat then why can't a more developed human being who has a more developed brain to think. God gave us a sharper, well developed brain to use. we should first use it before we open our mouths to criticize a group or community.

Argument 5: If everyone stops eating non-vegetarian then who will control the animal population?Probably the most unthoughtful and nonsense of all the arguments. Animals (pig, goat, lamb) and birds (chicken, duck) are being bred in farms without the basic hygiene and facilities for a creature to feed the non vegetarians. Non vegetarians are not eating non veg to control the population if that really that was the case they would start start cannibalism by eating their fellow humans since humans have more population than animals. Lets us say in Bengalooru the city where i live today all people stop eating non veg then since the demand for the non veg will be less and the breeding of animals and birds for killing will be stopped slowly. Always there is a supply based on demand not the vice versa. These animals like cows or cattle will be sent to forests just like in the olden days where they will live and die a natural death or may be by tiger or lion but nonetheless it will be a natural death for it since it is a jungle and it is natural in a jungle but not in a society.

or their tolerance with ignorance.