Monday, August 22, 2011

You do not have permission to change the license on this video

High at Heart & Madness in Ma Mind
Now its understandable if you cannot change license on a video which contains someone else's content like a background music but i today tried to change the license on many of my 100% own made videos with my own content but it says ' you do not have permission to change license on these videos' now you might wonder why youtube dont want you to use the creative commons license instead of their youtube standard license. Let us look at another clause of youtube end user license agreement where you are allowed to disable ads on videos of containing your own content but having a willfully creative bug like this which will by default not allow you to change youtube license and it is impossible to contact youtube for any issues you are left with no choice but to face ads everytime. That means this bug seems to be very useful to youtube>google to make a lot of money where they are giving you an option to opt out of ads and that option will not work.