Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Quotes

High at Heart ; Madness in Ma Mind
The quotes below are some of the quotes by me and they are free for non commercial use

  • "If someone is trying to pull your leg then it only means that you are above and better than them."-----gajuambi
  • "Moral purity is better than morality"-----gajuambi
  • "If sometimes if you feel deserted, offended, defeated or useless then always remember that you were once the most powerful, fastest and the most victorious sperm out of many hundreds of millions"-----gajuambi
  • "The chances of one getting water when they dig 100 times in 1 place are far superior than digging 1 time at 100 different places."-----gajuambi
  • "Enjoying our life with least or no harm to others is the ultimate/best/only way to salvation"-----gajuambi
  • "I prefer to be hated for what i am than to be loved for what i am not"-----gajuambi
  • Sick My Duck and Taste My Cheese
  • the looks of a girl is often directly proportional to his income and inversely proportional to his looks and her brain------------gajuambi
  • I don't smoke because i am smoking hot------------gajuambi 
  • A woman must love a man for what he is otherwise the shouldn't change himself but change his woman. the same goes for man too.-----------gajuambi 
  • romantic movies have created an unrealistic image of love for women just like the Porn has done to sex for men. -----------------gajuambi
  • "girls should have only beauty not brain too; otherwise they remain single and so do other men for them"         ---------------------gajuambi
  • Good guys/boys/men get heaven and bad guys/boys/men get women.
  • A goal without a deadline is as good as useless.
  • Men go after attractive woman not because they want to impress her but they want to impress other men and satisfy their ego by having her.
  • Life is short, youth is shorter-------------gajuambi
  • I don't want to level down to a dog by biting it the way it does to me--------------gajuambi 
  • Only you are responsible for your failure-------------gajuambi
  •  My first time can be your best time too-------------gajuambi
  • You are the reason why you are what you are[gajuambi]
  • I dare to care for whom I want to care
even though they dont care about me or my care
for them or not bcoz i want them to care for me or admire my care
but I only care for my loved one just because I care to care
without a moment to spare for despair
for my loved one belongs all my bare heart's rare care-------gajuambi
  • So many girls fall in love with the wrong guy, simply because the wrong guy usually says all the right things and the right guy who usually says the wrong things wonders 'how the hell, a girl like her end up with a guy like him'??!!-------gajuambi
  • When I'm the owner of my smile, none shall make me cry-------gajuambi
  • Never let them make you lose your calm, as that is the first sign of your defeat --- gajuambi 
    in an office if a man comes with his shirt's button open he might lose an increment but if a women comes with her shirt buttons open she is sure to get an increment. -- gajuambi
  • Value those who values you (MrAmbiG) 
  • If any goodness in you is also the weakness in you then it's 'the weakness ' in you but not the goodness ... (MrAmbiG) 
  • better to be with those who respects you but may not love you, than those who loves you but may not respect you much... (MrAmbiG)
  • nobody will better understand your problem unless you make it their problem...(MrAmbiG)
  • A delicacy loses when it is eaten alone; life is a delicacy---MrAmbiG
  • Relationship or partnership is all about what can we do together but not what can he/she do for me ---(MrAmbiG)
  •  Queen or the pawn, when the game is done all of them go into the same box---(MrAmbiG)
  • i would rather learn lessons from my failures than regret for the rest of my life for not trying 
  • Tears are contagious; so are smiles.
    what we want to infect others with is upto us...(MrAmbiG) 
  • Don't let the worst in others diminish the best in you.... (MrAmbiG) 
  • Change or Get Changed ----(MrAmbiG)
  • when we see our uniqueness as a virtue only then do we find peace ---aramaki/ghost in the shell
  • we cling to our memories as if they define us but... they really dont----Ghost in the shell