Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beyond Beautiful

Oh! Woman your moon-face is sweeter than honey
you walk, talk and look like a fairytale bunny
your smile is worth more than the entire world's money
don’t you dare tell me that i am being funny

A smile on your face lights up my darkness
Worshipped in the temple of my heart as a goddess
Oh my blossomed jasmine you are a flower princess
Darling to these words god is the witness

Your charms and astony , are my hearts atony
At your feet with agony, is my heart’s barony
Oh my cute cunning cony , it is our heartbeat’s matrimony
With harmony, they beat and make love symphony

Today I pave to bear the rare bare truth of love
Pain is afflictive if there is an ablative of you my dove
Your thoughts are not just allusive and delusive
Like a sweet poisonous hive deep inside me they delve

lost conscious in your view; essence in your absence
Your presence is the honeydew; abstinence is annoyance
Go sing like a bird curlew; bring the news of our alliance
The dawn for us is afresh and new; own me now for eternal reliance

I’m not a fiend but I’m a friend, be mine gorgeous till the end
My love is abound to make you spellbound, hear me now and please amend
I'll ascend with my heart in my forehand, see your name on it and garland
Don’t forfend to extend your ears for my errand, take me angel to your Loveland

Many may be ready to die for you, but baby I will live for you <*>

[stanza 1.rhyming words with ny
stanza 2.rhyming words of ss
stanza 3.words before comma and at the end are rhyming with the ending words of each line
stanza 4.Each sentence contains 2 rhyming words ending with 've' in the middle and at the end of the sentence.
stanza 5. Each line has 2 parts. the 2nd word of the 1st half of each line rhymes with the 1st word of the 2nd half with 'nce'.Furthermore the last word of each line rhymes with the same 'nce'.

[This is an imaginary poem written for/on an imaginary person..]