Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why should you not buy LG Phones

I bought a LG touchscreen phone for 12, 000 6 months ago for its dual sim functionality and later realized that it was the worst choice that i have made so far when it comes to choosing my electronic gadgets. The touchscreen has to be replaced the 3rd time only to realize that it will go bad again. Eventhough whenever i visit their service center they replace the touchscreen but LG never provides you with a receipt as a proof of repair since they do not want you to take them to consumer court. LG is by far the worst mobile phone manufacturer when it comes to quality and the price. Even the cheap chinese phones which come with dual sim capability by default have an outstanding quality and a number of awesome features when compared to LG. LG is supposed to mean Life is good but Life is Grave if you buy their mobile phone. They have released a number of touchscreen phones and i have not seen anyone other than me who is using a LG phone in these 6 months and infact the receptionist herself was using a sony ericson in the LG service center.