Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to enslave minority with unfair reservations and privileges

For years people have been debating that reservation is bad for a nation and it should be stopped but i say that ultimately reservations for minority will only make them slaves against the majority in the long run. For example:- a student from scheduled cast and scheduled tribe with low scores will get an engineering seat in a reputed college instead of a student from brahmin or any other upper community because of reservation. When that student who got an engineering seat because of his cast but not because of his talent finishes his engineering again with low scores he will still get a government job because of reservation against a student from a hindu brahmin community because he has no reservation. People belonging to a cast or community which has been granted reservations category are usually categorised as RC or reservation category and people belonging to communities with no reservation fall under GM or general merit. When you consider a RC engineer handles a project versus a GM engineer handling a project the project handled by an engineer from the GM will be better than the other one since he came to that position by talent but not because of birth rights.
Let us look at a more delicate issue and let us consider the situations where a physician from the RC performing a surgery and another physician from the GM performing a surgery. In this case the success rates of GM performing a surgery are much higher with the low mortality chances since he became a physician because of this talent but not because of his caste or religion. The best example is our indian government organizations or institutions and let us look at the performance of the organizations which follow the reservation policy (or rather where it is mandatory) against those who don't (since they are private sectors.
1. BSNL Vs Airtel or Reliance - [Bharath Sanchar Nigam Ltd] The national telephone carrier owned by the central govt is known as BSNL - Both Side No Listening because of its poor quality of service where as in the other hand the private sectors like reliance and airtel became the leaders in the market in few years.
SBI Vs Citibank: SBI or State Bank Of India is another disaster story where the citibank took over the majority of the SBI customers in very few years because of its talented workforce and strategies and they are the one to introduce ATMs in india.
In indian government hostpitals physicians come late by 2 hours and leave 2 hours early so that they have make time for their private practice to earn big money where as the poor people will be suffering on the ground.
All the above may make the GM or majority frustrated and RC the minority feel lucky but if you look a little deeper.
The richest people in the country or the most successful are all from majority community or GM. Let us say that GM is the name of an athlete and the RC is a name of another athlete. Lets assume there is a race organized by a government organization or institute and GM has to run 1000 meters to win the race where as RC has to run 800 meters to win the race. GM knows this and he will train hard and become stronger where as RC has no need to train or strain himself since he already has a lead of 800 meters and RC will be a winner. In the next even the GM will stronger than before but RC will be still the same since he has a lead of 200 meters. Let us say this time or everytime the RC wins the race. Here the GM has become much stronger and when he runs a race organized by private institutes the GM will be a clear winner since he has gotten stronger and the RC is still weak just like always.
Politicians are using this and providing the RC or the minority with more unfair privileges so that they win their vote but still keep them weak and naive. It is a scientific fact that IF you are strong or wise then it is most likely that your offspring will also inherit your qualities of strength and wisdom genetically. In other words a talented scientists son from a GM will be smart in studies and a strong man from GM or in the case presented above a strong athlete from the GM will produce a strong offspring compared to an athlete from RC. The minority will eventually become weaker and weaker by every passing generation and will also become more vulnerable and dependable on the politicians who will keep on giving them unfair advantages.
Nowadays if you are an RC and you commit a crime then you have more chances of getting out without any punishment or least punishment compared to person from GM which is the heights of unfair advantages but it works to keep the minority enslaved and to keep the majority on the top where reservation is not valid.