Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swine Flu and Baxter Vaccination Controversy

High at Heart & Madness in Ma Mind
First we started hearing news about the swine flu a year ago in some countries and it stopped for a while but a few weeks ago the only thing on the news was swine flu especially in India. The Irony is millions die due to AIDS which is a deadly disease and nobody wears a condom but what the fuck 3 people got infected with virus and the entire nation starts wear a mask for a disease which is not deadly at all.
I always use to wonder why media is making such a big fuss about it rather than giving some useful tips on how to avoid it. The media did it best to scare the people very well and I was kept wondering “My god is this what happens when more than 99% of our nations media is owned by foreign Christian churches and missionaries who pay in millions every year for these news channels”. I don’t hate any religion or any missionaries but I don’t see why a church needs to own a news channel like NDTV and fund it with millions and millions of dollars every year and where the heck does that money comes from…anyway that’s not the topic here. Whenever I accidently saw the TV it was always about the swine flu and I knew that a platform is being prepared for something bigger and I was right. The Vaccine from the Baxter company, it was almost like they knew the swine flu is coming and they had it prepared…what the hell… Let me break it down for you. It was like a hero was born and prepared the birth of a villain or a villain was created and spread so that their hero will have a better warrior to fight. Every hero needs a villain and the baxter’s swine flu needed swine flu. If you have seen Tom Cruise’s MI:2 you will know what I am talking about. I do not have any proof to say that baxter made it spread first and then released the vaccination later and made the Times Of India print in bold headlines stating that “Every body is buying vaccines and why india is not buying and government bought the vaccines in the next morning as if they were waiting for Times of india to print it as if everything was pre planned…I cannot confirm these details but all I am saying is why? Why nobody is raising these questions openly in media. If they are afraid then what are they afraid of and whom are they afraid of and was the media already booked in these to do what they are told to do…>>>????!!!
If the development of vaccination is so easy and takes such a less time then why not for HIV or cancer….well as you all know money is not in the cure but the medicine and nowadays I think that these people want more than just money and that’s you…