Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why Linux will never make it big??

High at Heart & Madness in Ma Mind
For most of the linux users and admirers out there this might come as a jolt but i gotta be frank with you guys when i am expressing my views.
If somebody says that linux is the future and it will overtake or replace the windows as the first choice as a desktop OS then they are dead wrong. Lemme tell you why. Linux sources[redhat, suse, mandriva, ubuntu....]are trying to get some market share by concentrating mainly on the business and thats how the microsoft did it when it was young but the things have changed now. Today's normal user is the future advanced user and an advanced user is the one who will employ his favorite OS in a business if he ever launches his own business.
Lets assume that i am a beginner with computers and if i have a linux and i dont have internet at home then i will be in deep pain and trouble because as a normal user i would like to play movies and songs and play games. Even with the famous ubuntu i will not be able to play any movies or play music since i need the codecs like DIVX and it is a shame that WE CANNOT EVEN PLAY MP3 SONGS. Please don't forget that i am a beginner and i don't know what is this codec and i think i need support on this or i may even buy such codec somewhere and then install at home where as on the other hand my friend who is also a beginner with computers is playing his music loud and a free player which plays almost any audio and video file and he is causing envy and you know what he is using windows!!! [xp/vista] and he is telling how amazing the new crysis or the warcraft game is however i am stuck with this opensuse/mandriva/fedora/redhat OS which i don't know how to use it.
It is very shameful and embarrassing to say that these guys have done such a difficult and wonderful job in designing a linux based OS but they don;t know how to design a codec to play basic movies and songs. The windows was/is and always will be the unquestionable leader in the desktop platform and thus in the business environment too since only the system admins and server level techs will deploy and use the linux where as the rest of the production unit or the employees will use only windows. The vast availability of the applications and tools to perform various tasks with windows is limitless where as for linux if you want a particular application to be developed for your business then you do not know where to look or even where to start.
If you would like to perform a task and you need a software for that then with windows platform you have many options, with Mac you have less optins where as with linux you have very few options.
It is acceptable that such codecs cannot be shipped with the linux operating system but it is not acceptable to see that there is no simple way of installing linux codecs. You need to have an internet connection to install these codecs and offline installation of downloaded codecs is almost impossible for a newcomer to linux.
Linux vendors like NOVELL and REDHAT spend more time in dissing Microsoft and less time in developing tools to make its user's life easier.