Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Data Verification Failed : Finally Solved

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Hi friends,
I think so far what i have done is the most extensive troublshooting to solve this problem. Though i am not sure about the root cause about the problem but the resolution what i got is unquestionable.

The softwares i used so far
nero 6
nero 7
nero 8
nero 8 lite
dvdinfo pro
all these softwares told me that the data verifaction failed.
one thing i observed was that the sectors in which the data verifaction failed every time was different and the unit was freezing up if i try to use those CDs/DVDs where the data verification was failed.
Later i observed that the data verification failed mostly at the end of the Cd or DVD that means as the dvd/cd reading optical head or reader inside moved away from the centre and near to the edge the data verification failed and it might be due to the fact that the reading writing head was not properly aligned to the tracks on the cd/dvd while writing or dvd as it moved away from the centre.
The above thought made me change my ide DVDRW drive to a SATA DVDRW[both were samsung unfortunately, and on the web most of them have issue with only samsung drives and i advice you not to go for samsung] but no go.
Please remember that i tried burning the CDs in vista and as well as in windows xp but no go.
I reinstalled the Operating System but no go.
I reinstalled burning softwares several times but no go.
I tried sony CDs/DVDs and i tried other medias too but no go
I tried different optical drive but no go
I tried replacing the IDE and the sata cable but no go
I tried updating the BIOS and burning the discs but no go
I tried updating the firmware but no go
I tried burning with different branded cd/dvds but no go
I changed the DMA to PIO through it took time but the errors were still there in a small amount[
device manager>ide atapi>right click properties>change DMA to PIO only]
I tried burning cds/dvds with only one memory at a time but no go
I tried a different power supply[though it was lame to associate this issue with the power supply but i don' wanted to leave any stone unturned]
I tried replacing my intel 946gzis microatx board but no go

It might due to the intel chioset drivers for that system board which were causing that problem or the system board itself but please note that the asus system board that i am using is a intel chipset based system board.

I recommend;
Please try a newer chipset driver for the system board and if that does not work then try an older version of the chipset driver.

Chipset is the one which controls the movement of the data in the unit. so whenever these is an issue with the data transmission it has to be the chipset.
Please try the same optical drive that you have in your friend's computer who is using a different chipset/motherboard and you will come to know what is the source of the problem