Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cracking DFX for Non Supported Players

Cracking DFX for Non Supported Players



[Please note that the same can be done for the izotope which works with winamp]

1. A Cracked or original DFX for Winamp

2. K Lite Mega Codec Pack [or FFD Show Audio Decoder would be enough]

In this article I would like to show you how we can use a “DFX audio “ for other supported & non supported players through DFX for Winamp only.

As we all know we have to buy separate DFX for each players but here I would like to help you to save some money by using just on DFX for all the palyers.

A.DFX for Winamp

1. Install Winamp

2. Install the DFX for Winamp [a valid or either by crack]

3. Open Winamp and then

Options>Preferences>DSP/Effect and select DFX [dsp_dfx.dll]

4. Click on Configure active plug in and a window will pop up saying “Display DFX Control screen when winamp is started”; click Ok

Enjoy DFX with Winamp

B. DFX for K Lite Mega Codec Media Player Classic

1. Install any version of K Lite Codec Mega Pack [& by default which contains ffdshow audio decoder]

2. Go to

Start>all Programs>K Lite Codec Pack>Configaration>ffdshow audio decoder and the ffdshow audio decoder window will pop up

3. On the left side click on

Direct Show Control and on the right hand you will see a slide bar and drag the bar to the right so that the merit is set to either default or very high

4. On the left hand side please put a check mark on winamp 2 and click on winamp 2 and you will see

5. Click on DFX,

Put a Check mark for winamp DSP,

Click on configure and click ok for the pop up window which says “Display DFX Control screen when winamp is started”

Now you will enjoy DFX for winamp whenever you play any video with Classis Media Player or from K Lite Player.

C. DFX for Gom Player

1. Install Gom Player

2. Make sure you put a disable the ffdshow audio decoder in the gom aplayer [since it has known issue where even without the dfx installed gom player gives a buzzing sound if the ffdshow audio decoder is present in the unit]

Preferences>filter and check ffdshow audio decoder

3. Click on Preferences>Audio>Plug-in>DFX[dsp_dfx.dll]


1. Install windows media player 11

2. Play any movies or audio and the DFX for winamp will pop and enjoy it and if not change the ffdshow audio decoder direct show control merit to very high.

E. Doubel DFX for Windows Media Player 11

1. Install DFX for windows media player 11 [both licensed and cracked one works just fine]

2. Open windows media player 11 right click on the empty space at the top and go to

Tools>Plug-ins and put a check mark on DFX Audio Enahncement and DFX User Interface

Enjoy both the DFX Effect on yout windows media player 11


Sometimes DFX will not pop up and you won’t get the DFX effect in players other than winamp only because the player is using an audio decoder other than ffdshow audio decoder.

If there is any other player which supports winamp plug-in like gom player or ffdshow audio decoder then you can use the DFX in that player too.