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Is unity possible with division?

I often see, hear and learn about people trying to end
sexism etc., but I have realized that their goal or vision is too small. The biggest so far I have seen is end of racism. Why do I see it as the biggest? because some assume that addressing a race is the biggest denominator and you can address most number of people. This however leads to segregation and those who produce within themselves degenerate genetically, culturally and in so many other ways. I see religion as the biggest, safest and the right way of unifying people.We already know that fights over religion have cost a lot of lives and historically it might be the 2nd biggest killer after lust for power. So how can we unit people based on religion and still not cause problem?.
Most might think that I am talking about hindus vs muslims vs jews, christians vs budhist etc., which is a big no. We want to unite people who aren't most likely get along and also at the same time give them a pressing…
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Caste system, Dalits and the death of the knowledge tree

There use to be a generation of skilled leather workers who passed on their skills from their blood line.If today one spends lets say 20 years in just programming C, C++ and other programming language then you can certainly conclude with great certainty that he is an expert. Now imagine I pass my skills to my children and their children and it continues in my family for millenia then my offspring in future who have continued this legacy of passing down their forefather's skills to their children will be the best programmers in the world (assuming that computer programming is still a thing) because What I acquired in 20 years, I will take atleast less than half of that time to transfer my skills to my children. What they acquire in their lifetime they will be able to transfer that knowledge to their children within a decade or less. Since the knowledge transfer is exponential here the resulting family line will be one of the if not the most expert in programming anything.
There are…

Fasting in Hinduism

So today intermittent fasting is a thing to improve your health and to keep your human growth hormones up. This however has been implemented in Hindu society as part of religion since we have always had religion and science be part of each other than have them separately and contradict each other.
There are 2 different duration for fasting.

Sunrise to SunriseSunrise to Sunset 3 levels of fasting Fruits and waterOnly water No food, No water Fasting based on meals No breakfastNo lunchNo dinner Fasting based on day of the week. Each day of the week is associated with one or more deities in Hinduism. Weekly fasting is something most do including my own family members. Fasting on mondayFasting on tuesdayFasting on wednesdayFasting on thursdayFasting on fridayFasting on saturdayFasting on sunday Fasting is also done on a particular festival which comes ones a year. Fasting based on festival  Fasting based on diet. Abstain from certain type of food on particular day of the week. Ex:- No meat on W…

The future is backwards

As you have seen with the technology trends in the last decade. The tech innovation and invention is slow, not necessarily because of the lack of skill but lack of will. If the tech world had kept up the same pace of innovation, implementation and invention as they did in the 90s and 2000s then the current world would be in chaos due to lack of jobs and too many mouths to feed. Some social engineering acts like SJW or feminism are taking care of population but that is still not enough. Automation can nowadays do most of the things what humans can, cant, will or wont do but they are deliberately kept in the closet to stop people from rioting or break down the social structure. Imagine if cars are all automated in India then over 25 million people who lose the job may either turn to crime or organized protests and riots to support themselves and their families. What would you do then? In future even if India or any country is able to manufacture or produce most of the technological asp…

Human Perception Ceiling (HPC), external and internal engineering

You might know what is an apple iphone retina display is! Basically it is a ceiling or limitation that apple company had put on the resolution of the screen to match the perception of the eye. Most if not all products today consumed by humans are catered to serve their senses. 5 physical senses and the 6th if you believe in 6th sense. This is about how a saturation and if not an end to external engineering or product development can come sooner or later.
Let us take one example of screens or displays. Below are the most important things in a display when you buy it.

ResolutionRefresh ratecolor reproduction and accuracyResponse time
Check what is the resolution of your phone or screen. You put few phones next to each other with the same picture on display on all of them. Let the resolution of the screens on them be 8k, 4k, Full HD (high definition), HD (High definition). If you do not know it already this is the heirarchy in terms of greatness and quality 8k > 4k>Full HD> HD. …

Gym or Yoga ?

A friend of mine was discussing about how the kind of activities, exercise, workout or other activities form, shape and influence our personality and I totally agree with him, well mostly.
He thinks that girls who go to gym are healthy and all should go to gym or do it at least at home. I disagree on that. I do however believe that the kind of workout, exercise, activity and environment shapes up your overall personality. Here is why I think so...
The 'Masculine hormones' are (The hormones responsible for masculine characteristics in a person)

The 'Feminine hormones' are (The hormones responsible for feminine characteristics in a person)

Adrenaline is what gets produced when you stress your body or mind. It is what gets produced when one gets involved in athletic activities. Running, jogging, fights, acts of violence etc., Testosterone is again another such hormone which gets produced more in males than females. Go ahead and pu…

I would If I could 8: AI for elections

Advantages :
Highest level of transparency against any current election system of any countryLeast vulnerable to hacking compared to any current system of any countryThe results, source of results scanned ballot papers) are accessible to everyone for further re verification 
Process:The ballot papers are just fed to a high resolution photocopier (regular DSLR can be used)These images are then fed to an indigenously developed AI which analyses the image to count the votes for candidates and also removes any duplicates with a hashing algorithm.All scanned copies should/must/will made publicly available for anyone to verify The tech can be developed with just a regular phone camera or a cheap DSLR camera. The required AI is already available which is used by many reputed government organizations for research.
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I would If I could