Thursday, May 26, 2016

The kind of people I don't have as guests no more

1. They cause sleep deprivation
So everyone has their own sleeping pattern and comfort. I like mine to be quiet and dark.
a) It's annoying to have someone who has to have a fan turned on which makes me feel that I am sleeping under a chopper or a helicopter. It's just noisy and cold for me.
b) your body gets used to your snoring and can sleep with it but you can't tolerate someone else snoring in your bed, Atleast not me. I can't sleep anywhere where it is not quiet. I admit I snore slightly but I don't appreciate someone waking me or shaking me when I start to snore a bit bcz everytime then do that to break my snoring it takes 30 minutes for me to get back to sleep.
c) they want the light turned on and I love my room to be dark when I sleep.
2. They make my place messier than what it was
If you ask me Its not polite to go to someone's place and litter everywhere before you leave. If I visit someone's place and I want to be able to visit them again, then I will try not to make they're messier than what it was.. If possible I will gladly name it neater if not cleaner before I leave.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Feminism --> MGTOW the cashcow for the short sighted capitalists

There are some who are of the view that feminism will destroy the economy, starting from the west but on the contrary it might make the capitalist's eyes bigger and wider.
Let us say that there is a family of 6 with 2 kids, parents and grand parents. This is the scene of India few years ago. This is very bad for the economy since they will now have just 1 house which is bad for the real estate business. They will now have just 1 TV, 1 home phone, 1 radio, 1 car for all which is bad for the economy. Now let us have the broken families of the west where they have to take appointment to meet their parents (which most often will be more than 2). Now grand pa has his own house, grand ma has her own house, husband and wife are taking a divorce and they have a separate house, their kids are of age now and they have their own place to stay. In short now all the materials are 6x than the earlier time. Feminism is greatly helping this cause and if everyone becomes a MGTOW then it is even better for the economy. Now instead of 2 we have 4 people fighting for the custody of the kid. Let us say a gay couple now wants a baby and hire a surrogate mother and the egg was from another lady of their preference. Now the there are potentially 4 people who can go to court to claim the custody of the child. In the case of MGTOW it is 3. If everyone in the world becomes single and start having kids like this method of surrogacy and borrowed eggs then we have some individuals who have to buy every thing for themselves without having to share anything that they buy. Everyone in the world has a house, their own car, their own bike, their own everything since they don't have anyone to share it. This is also great for the government because now they have more to govern where nobody is in support of anyone as a family and nobody is going to back anyone as a family; everyone is for themselves. Division of family helped in favor of capitalism and now it seems that was not enough.
So you might wonder what next? How will our species progress? How will our species survive if nobody is having kids or the population starts decreasing? The answer is simple. Then it will be even more prosperous situation for the pharmas and corporates involved in the artificial uterus technology where you can have babies without the need of a women or a man. Science has already progressed to a level where one can have human off-springs with just one gender. Imagine what happens when both the gender's physical, reproductive and other needs are met by private corporations with some cost attached but not each other for free. Instead of man and women meeting each other's physical needs for free now they pay for a corporation for their needs, just like they pay for a cooking machine, washing machine, virtual reality tech etc., instead of a situation of their ancestors where they had it for free from each other and it was a whole lot better than anything that they could ever have. Just Imagine...

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Why do men get paid more than women?

These are my cents on this ongoing debate all over the world.
  1. In an unlikely event of a boat sinking, women get to leave with their kids and for some unexplained reason men get to stay on the boat to die.
  2. At times of war and crisis for some unexplained reason men pick up arms to protect their women and children and contribute 99% to 100% of martyrdom during a crisis.
  3. at times of crisis like a hostage situation they negotiate for women first and men get to be treated as expendables.
  4. Women experience mood swings during periods., that is 3-5 days before periods and 2-3 days after the period which sums upto 10 days and such mood swings contribute negatively at work.
  5. In any society men are expected by the society to provide for the women even during casual dates for her movie, shopping, dinner, commuting expenses etc.,
  6. Men contribute almost 100% in all the physically challenging/demanding work environments like mining, construction etc.,
  7. A women needs time off work for maternity which can be a issue for a business if the role requires the executive to maintain constant connection with the clients. ex: hedge funds.
  8. Men are more likely to work till they retire than women. Most women may opt out of work and choose to be a home maker after 2-3 kids.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Favorite Thing About You

(i)wish you did not have that face
(i)wish you did not have that scar
(i)wish you dint have that cute teeth misaligned from the rest

bcoz the best thing about you
is everything about you
so forget what they say
you are the best of all the rest=[rpt]

hide not paintless nails of your hands
hide not unwaxed pretty legs
and yes there is no need to hide that ungroomed hair

its okay being unseen
its okay being ignored
but beloved with me you will always be loved

the spotless moon is no moon
the thornless rose is no rose
may be you were made this way to suit my taste

wish not the curves you do not have
wish not the skin that your friend has
if you havent heard it yet, you are my favourite thing about you

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Soulmate

I often wonder why always people try to waste their life around perfect, perfect thing or the perfect one. The whole objectivity of life is the  journey to the road to perfection from the point of imperfection. You know that infinity is not going to end and you will never be close to its end, no matter how hard you try.

If you believe that there is always an area of improvement then infinity should be the perfection because only infinity gets better than what it was every time and all the time. So if perfection is infinity then you will never find your perfect one, soul mate, the one or made for each other guy or girl because if you have found them then you have only found the one who is better among those whom you have met so far but not 'the one'.  If people change over a period time is true then everyone has a different perfect one every day in the universe. I am not the same person (physically, mentally) compared to yesterday or tomorrow. Let us say if at all there is some supernatural way of figuring out a perfect partner for someone then as per the physical and mental health, nature and growth I might be the perfect one someone like me in another country but tomorrow the perfect one for me might be someone entirely different. Let me elaborate a little more. Let us say that tonight I see a movie and that movie change my whole perception towards life by tomorrow, then I am a different person by tomorrow. Since I am different person by tomorrow, my perfect one will also be a different one by tomorrow as per my new views towards life, world, myself and others. Yesterday I might have been someone who was a non vegetarian but today after seeing a video of a slaughterhouse and how the animals are suffered, tortured and ripped apart forcefully, I might become a vegan by tomorrow. So If I am a vegan today my perfect one should be someone who respects, responds and resonates towards my feelings about animals, birds and nature where as until yesterday I was a meat eater and thus I would have been okay with someone with a fur jacket.
The point is perfection is a myth which is only useful for the entertainment industry to make songs, music, movies and merchandise around it but not for real life. Now I begin to understand why my native culture at bharat gave importance to developing love towards the one whom you have married than chasing the wild invisible goose of love, perfection and soul mate. Arranged marriages are more successful in a gigantic proportion against the love marriages.
Let us say you are playing a game and you are told that no matter what you do, how you play, you are going to win and the game has been rigged, judges have been bought to make sure odds will always favor you; Won't you find that game boring ? What fun is there in playing a video-game where you know the whole layout of the game as if you are the one who made it and also there are 'no challenges', 'points of curiosity' , 'moments of suspense' etc., missing against another experience where you have played a game for the first time and at many levels you lost, you died, reborn, you got frustrated and threw the gamepad/keyboard/mouse/joystick away, screamed, yelled but somehow you finally won. I make this statement very boldly today. "If god grants the perfect one or the soul mate to everyone then the human race will be cannibalized and vanish" . It is definitely not about finding a sculpture on a mountain but it is about finding a suitable rock on which you are confident that you can work on it and then make a sculpture out of it. your life partner should also be the same. You are wasting your precious time if you think you are searching for a perfect one or a soul mate because that is logically impossible. Here in my country of 1.4 billion people arranged marriages happen and more than 98% of them last forever, yes forever. It is all about 2 individuals ability to transform each other together and that and those which surround them to achieve their means and definition of a good life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

If I had a million dollar or a programmer

I have wondered over the years whether there is a conspiracy to not to develop an application which is truly cross platform, that is
most of the music players stop at gnu/linux but till date there is no application which can sync your music between your gnu/linux OS and an android or with your iphone. Even the music players which are there on windows are not truly there on android or iphone and they cant sync to each other. I am finding it annoying to carry the ipod classic since it has to be wired and it is bulky. I want to use my android phone itself but no go since all the immature apps which are there on android play store to sync music are not truly there on desktop to play music but only to sync. ex: the doubletwist, isyncr etc., The day someone finds a way to sync or use the same media files across the devices without putting it on the cloud and having to pay a hefty data charges for the network providers, someone is going to be a billionaire. I wish I knew programming enough to just compile the banshee or any other such gnu gpl music player to android and distribute it but unfortunately my years of forced interest to learn programming (even python) have seen no positive outcome. I guess this will never happen, not until goolgle actually uses such flaws and vacuum to falsely give us an illusion of choice to use android on desktops or on all your devices too so that you dont have to worry about getting different applications for different platform since it seems easier to use all spying, NSA loving android on all devices to solve a problem. If you want to sell some shit then create a vacuum or a bigger shit and then give your shit as a comparison to show that your shit is actually a better choice than the other one.... nice marketing for mobile devices and force everyone to use mobile devices and cloud so that it makes it much easier for them to have all of your data where you are willingly and voluntarily giving it to them. The best way to take someone's freedom is to make them give it to you by choice.

Friday, September 19, 2014

My impossible Weapon to Save Bharath

When jews got israel they didnt build huge temples but they invested in the education of jews and today they are among the world's most elite in almost all fields. Knowledge is a bigger weapon than the strength of numbers or money because laxmi (Devi of Wealth) always follows Saraswati (Devi of Knowledge and Wisdom).
Temples of hindus were the centres of education, wisdom, culture and heritage but today many of them are just into making money. Almost all the wealth of the temples was used to the upliftment of the society through education, preservation of heritage, culture etc., but today it is only being used to market that temple. If we release the temples back to their trustees "unconditionally" they will become more corrupt than what they are now. Our Devis and Devathas never created disparity among rich and the poor but today a rich can visit the Devatha faster than poor which is an insult to Devatha and our heritage (The ticket system at temples which allows the rich to get a faster Darshan).
If someone can they they should mandate all the temples to either surrender to the government completely or give 1/3 of their annual income to the 'Hindu Fund' and in return they will have autonomy with their temple with no interference. This Hindu Fund should be used only to sponsor scholarships of Hindus.
Today our talent is just getting migrated to the west and bharat is suffering because of that. What is the use of investing on such talent when they are not ready to serve bharat by staying here but it is also against bharatiyatha or hinduism to force them to stay here and serve bharat. We should only sponsor or give scholarships to those who are ready to be bound by a legal clause which makes them return the loan (student loan) without interest or not at all but if they choose to give up the citizenship of India or serve outside bharath for more than few years then they have to contribute to the hindu fund 3 times the money that the 'Hindu Fund' spent on them. This way it will encourage the talents stay in bharath and prosper bharath. If possible I would like to extend this only to the male children. Always feminine has been given a higher and more cultural and religious importance in our dharma for a reason because she can excel in anything to which she puts her mind to it and thats we must encourage them to the most important task of the society, that is preservation of our culture, traditions, knowledge, preservation of the family values. The outside bookish knowledge, working, earning are the 2nd grade activity belonging only men when compared to the preservation of the society, family, educating the children, teaching them shastras or many other things. They should also be educated to the highest peak possible but to make them able to go earn in the society but her curriculum (at home or outside) should give more importance to politics, religion, society building, our scriptures, culture etc., and if she wishes to gain more knowledge on any other subject then she is free to do so anyway in this world of information. She should be educated and more knowledgeable to teach the children in various subjects.
I might be wrong but as I have seen in the society when today women start earning and also lack of the actual knowledge of our heritage they start feel that they have to become equal to men by wearing their dresses, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes like them or by going out, working and earning like them where as it is demeaning for her to think that since women are greater than men and by trying to be equal to men they are downgrading themselves. It is only women who can create but men can only destroy. When a man earns enough and starts to look for a women to have a family with , he cares very less for her riches but gives more importance to her nature, wisdom, knowledge and the society's opinion about her. I have seen many men feel threatened and they shy away from a women who earns like them, smokes like them,drinks like them,dresses like them or trying to be like men. In hinduism nothing is taboo or banned and one is free to choose their way but a man's parents choose a women for him based on her nature, beauty, family values etc., but a women's parents look for a guy's wealth , profession, status in society etc., If one cares to have a balanced society where the population ration doesnt grow negatively like japan or germany then a man should be promoted to attain a higher social status and a women should be promoted to attain a higher cultural status sex, care, children and many other things which were exclusive to marriage are freely accessible to both the genders outside marriage and they do not need to adhere to any so called culture or heritage of the country anymore.
I have labelled it as an impossible weapon....... because i know it takes guts of glory and balls of titanium to have a mandate to make the temples pay 1/3 of their income but otherwise there wont be any left to go to the temples once slowly all get migrated to other faith systems where their religious or worship places give out money for following the faith. In hinduism when we go to temples one pays to the temples (not to Devtha since he doesnt need it but to maintain the temple the trustees need it) but in some faith systems you get money if you convert a person to their faith from their religious houses, they even will award you with wealth to make others migrate by force or deceit since as per their faith system they are only helping us to go to heaven since otherwise we are doomed to go to hell. It is more like saving a patient against his will and curing him of his disease. There is a reason Shiva bought destruction through invaders on his temples and on bharat because the land became corrupt with money, somnath temple for instance had so much wealth in it that they invaders couldnt take it all at once where as the wealth should have been spent to the wellness of the society and the people. If all were rich and well in that society then as per 'vasudaiva kutumbakam' we should have used that wealth to help the far off places from where the invaders came from to help them prosper and if that has happened then there would have been no invaders but only allies.