Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Is my friend a tissue paper?

So my friend had an interesting theory the other day about whether he is know as the tampon guy or the tissue paper guy. A guy whom you call only when you need. It goes along with that famous catchphrase 'Fun with the biker, Marry the boring banker'.
It goes around the notion that girls have different preferences when it comes to marriage and having fun. There is a boyfriend material and then there is a marriage material. Boyfriend material is someone who is a bad boy. Who likes to ride fast without a helmet or protection of any kind, jump signals, adrenaline junkie, skips classes, invests most of his time, youth energy in getting his dopamine fix from breaking rules and then there is the marrying kind. Who has invested his time not in becoming famous but becoming successful, the studious kind, one who attends all classes, one who he has invested most of his time and energy in learning, earning, saving, investing and secured his future. His argument was that girls give away most of their youth to this rockstar or bad boy kind of guy who has no future plans but lives in the present. Who lives for today and not for tomorrow. Then when the girls fertility window starts to close and the number of attention that they are getting is no more from the guys that they proudly want to be associated with or go out with.
He told me that it has been a decade and he sees the same in the corporate world too. He is the studious guy that everybody wants help with to pass their exams, to do their certifications, to do their labs, to help them with their presentations but not the guy with whom they want to go out with on a weekend, go to parties with. He is the guy of whom the girls are ashamed or too embarrassed or think too low of him to be associated with, or to go out with, even though he is the one who is asking them out, he is the one who is going to spend on cab, dinner, movies, shopping. He is too beneath them to give him a chance to spend on them, entertain them and please them but they have no problem in secretly ask help from him. He said girls or ladies have no problem in being associated with married men and some being twice their age with kids. They have no problem in being seen or associated with these married men twice their age as long as their position of corporate or physical power is top 10% to 20%.
I think he has a point but that is the world is. It is called hypergamy and women have practiced hypergamy because they are driven by unconscious motives, genetically hardwired to do so. In a span of evolution of humans the present civilization that we are in is probably less than 1%. The reason why paleo or keto diets work is because our human genealogy and body knows how to respond to that since these 2 method target the 99% of the human span of evolution. In a world where people are living in a wild hostile environment the female is required to choose a mate who can be a good provider and that is why human species has survived. Today too human females choose a male who is a greater provider than themselves even though we have come a long way. In his words they go for a wealthier man than themselves almost all the time. It is however to be noted that it only happens when they want to 'settle down' somewhere near the end of their fertility window where they are no more at the top of their youth and beauty. When they are still at their youth they go with the male who shows aggressiveness, physical endurance, better looking, with nice jawline and a strong chin, who is bigger and broader than herself, because they all represent a healthy male. In a wild world they are the signs of a man who can provide and protect against any external threat. In this modern day and age that should not be the criteria for choosing a mate but unfortunately the modern era of human evolution is probably way less than 1% of our human span of evolution and thus the majority of our span of evolution has always been choosing a male who shows such unruly, break the rule, off the road, do his own thing kind of a guy it is not their conscious fault for going with their instinct. I mostly blame the society and men and in this case him too. You get used like a tissue paper if you allow someone to do so. If you show the signs of a tissue paper then you get used like one. If you show the signs of being a tampon then you get used like one. I think it if my friends fault of setting such expectation among-st his peers that he will help and invest his energy and time in those who are too ashamed to be associated with him publicly or seen with publicly. If someone is too embarrassed or ashamed to be seen with him and they think that he is too beneath to be seen with them even though he is the one who is doing the asking and spending then it is his fault that he is even interacting with them. Clapping happens with 2 hands. Accidents happen between 2 objects. I feel sorry for him to have such a low self esteem that he keeps going behind those who think of him as too unworthy to be even seen with them. It is high time he comes out of his Stockholm's syndrome.
Since he is a man of faith, I told him that may be god wants you to concentrate on something better and that is why he has made you distant from these people or he has chosen to show their true intent and their true nature. I told him that he is mentally disabled or something seriously wrong with him if he feels sad, depressed for these people who just want to use him but do not want to be associated with him anyway or anywhere else. Is it not good that they showed their real nature and he should be thanking god for saving him from being ending up with such selfish people. Is it not good that he saved 3k to 4k that he would have spent on someone who only remembers him when they need him?!. I think he should be happy and have some self respect because if he doesn't respect himself and his time then is it not foolish to expect others to respect him or his time?!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

I would If I could 7: Tax to project

  1. No leakage of tax payers money
  2. least possible opportunities for corruption
  3. exponential growth and implementation of development projects
Many companies, organizations pay tax to the government and then government allocates that to different development projects but most of the money either gets leaked, wasted due to inefficiency and corruption. Now companies get to choose to pay 50% of their tax in the form of social involvement. Let us say they pay 10,000 a year as tax to government. Under this process they choose to contribute 50% of that tax directly towards any government projects or their own project. Some of the examples of these projects are :-

  • Build roads
  • Build sanitation for schools
  • Offer electricity
  • Offer products such as computers to government schools

Upon approval they can go ahead with the project, complete the project. In a traditional process 
  1. tax goes to government. 
  2. Government decides a project. 
  3. Announces the projects. 
  4. Selects a contractor.
  5. Contractor does the project.
  6. money goes to the project.
This has been very inefficient due to corruption and multiple points of failure. It is a proven fact that private organizations are better at delivering something than government sectors. They have been efficient.
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

nothing to not seeing

merry eyes
cherry cheeks

pearly whites
jazzy sounds

cheery chest
wholly waist

lively lips
crowdie hips

creamy laps
plumpy arms

sturdy calves
velvety palms

canary nose
daisy pose

tiny ear
tidy hair

i wish for blindness
so i never see

pain of not having
nothing to not seeing

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

ask me not

ask if u
how I c u,
I say2u

curvaceously cutieful
graceously grandful
deliciously delightful

ask if u not,
how i c u,
i say2u

addictive to eyes
seductive to soul
malicious to mind

so u the all pervasive
ask not how i c u
b'coz i wish i had not

Friday, February 2, 2018

I would If I could 6 : Education System

Before I go on proposing my system let me tell you what it addresses

  • towards equal opportunity
  • end to education system mafia and nexus. (Currently politicos in india have their own schools and they are systematically killing public schools so that they can charge a heavy fee for their own private schools to make money)
  • Children will not be forced to be on a lower class if they are talented, Children will not be forced to be on a higher class if they are slow. Children will be at a class/grade based on their talent and not age.
  • Home schooling allows greater parental responsibility and bonding.
  • Persons will be encouraged to do their own research and this promotes self study, self learning, research and development in people.
  1. Education system will be based on certification.
  2. A Person will be considered to have passed a grade if he attains 60 percentile (not percent) in all the subjects.
  3. Exams will be conducted whenever there are at least 50 persons ready to take the exam.
  4. A 360 degree camera records the entire exam session (placed at the center of the exam hall or hung at the ceiling) and this recording is stored forever and accessible after taking permission from the system.
  5. the exams happen once every 6 months.
  6. persons need not have to come to any school/college or learning centers. Persons can study privately, home schooled or go to a study center if they desire. 
  7. The subjects can include Art, science etc., and a grade can have 10 subjects.
  8. The student has to pass at least 6/10 subjects.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I would If I could 5 : Automated organ donation

Implemented elsewhere successfully : Yes
Issues which will be addressed:

  1. organ theft
  2. children theft
  3. mortality rate due to organ failure or lack of donors
  4. reduction of medical expenses by citizens who have to live with failed organs
  5. International relationship
  6. medical tourism
Cost : None
Policy : Once the person reaches the age of right to vote then  they will be automatically get enrolled for organ donation after their demise. Those who opt out will not get the organ replacement from those who opted in.
If organs for implementation or in excess than the demand then the patients from a list of most favored countries will be given priority. Let us say japan is at the top of the most favored nation then patients from that nation will be given highest priority.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

cause and effect

cause and effect

the lips that smile, My day it defines
the shy that shines, even for a while

the lightning it sends, your veery voice
fastidiously overnice, those soft warm hands

1st standza has the cause and effect
2nd stanza has effect and cause

1st stanza's 1st half's last word rhymes with the 1st stanza's 2nd line's last 2nd half's last word.
2nd stanza's 1st half's last word rhymes with the 1st stanza's 1st line's 2nd half's last word.
The same for the 2nd stanza too. smile-while; shines-defines; sends-hands; overnice-voice; The rhyming is for 3 last letters of the word.