Saturday, June 7, 2014

Why and how loyalty deterioates a society

Today I called SBI (state bank of india) to have a Fixed deposit for a good amount of money but it took me 4 hours of phone call with their customer care and nobody could help with anything. This is a huge problem with he public sector organizations in india where job security will be there with you irrespective of whether you work or not, whether it the company is doing well or not. There were no ATMs in india before citibank came and threatened these mighty public sector banks. Till date date public sector employees be it may the tellers or a watchmen are the rudest among any employees in the world.
If there were no private banks in india to threaten these banks then there would have been no ATMs, there would have been no improvement in the behaviour of these employees of the public sector. If there were no private transport system then there would have been no improvement in the transport system of india. If there were no private airlines then there would have been no improvement in our airlines. If there were no private telephone carriers then there would have been no IT revolution in india. If tomorrow all people in USA decide to buy only good made in USA then they will be 100 years behind any other country since making an gadget in asian countries like china, taiwan or india costs atleast 10 times less than what it costs to make it in USA. Many of the things like tomato, chilli were not from india including electricity, automobiles etc, so should we reject them too? One should always choose a better service or product when available because only that will encourage competition and betterment of the existing service and product. The worst thing that one can have in the world of consumerism or even employment is loyalty. Brand loyalty will ruin a product and makes the makers of the brand lazy since they already have an established market and they dont want to improve it anymore but just maintain it. If tomorrow a telephone carrier has all of its customers as loyal as they can be with it then they never have to worry about improving their service and there would be no reason for others to compete with this telephone carrier since anyway they are not going to get their customers since they are loyal with it. I think the same is applicable for employment too. If a company or organization knows that its employees are not going to leave irrespective of no salary hike for year, no remuneration, no standard facilities or deterioration of the work culture then they will never try to improve the conditions of their employees since now they are taken for granted anyway. If a production environment has no people to produce since they are fast moving to someone who treats them right or pays them well then obviously the current organization will be forced to be competitive in taking care of its employees in terms of remuneration and over all well being of its employees. Loyalty is a very dangerous thing which will lead to the deterioration of the society.
You might observe how a guy and girl take care of their looks, health, fitness, appearance to keep it pleasing to their partner but once they either get married or know that the other has no where to go to then they have taken each other for granted. Wife no more has the need to take care of the herself, groom herself, lose all that extra pounds, no need to dress well or cook well since her guy is tied to her now and she has no "need" of putting an effort to please him. The same is true for the guy too once they are wed-locked with each other. This is the reason why it is better to always move to a place or move towards someone where you are treated better or atleast you will be treated accordingly, the way you treat others or the way you treat a place. If someone or some place is ready to invest the same devotion and dedication in you the way you do to them then you are a coward not to take that chance who would rather stay cozy with known devil than an unknown possible sanity.

Horizontal Growth System (HGS) against the Vertical Growth System (VGS)

Many are predicting that majority of a country's population (as much as 90%) will some day live in cities ( I hope it is not the conspiracy of some real estate goons, lol) and I do not know why is that such a great news. It saddens to know that many have to leave their home, people, neighbors, favorite restaurants, favorite hang out places or the memories of their childhood to earn a living to some far away place where nobody knows nobody and they try to nobody and even after knowing the nobodies none will know till a month passes by when you die in your bed with old age until you smell too rotten to your neighbor.
Shouldnt out aim be to develop all the regions equally, together? Is it not our priority to have an inclusive growth? If we want the inclusive growth to happen then we should slowly scatter the sources of growth all around the place to promote inclusive growth where there are multiple centers of growth. It is also a great thing to do in terms of national security since if you have 90% of a country's population living in one place it is easy to finish off a country's majority of the the population along with all the main leaders of the country with just one bomb.
Imagine if a country like India has 26 capital cities for each state and 90% of the population of a state lives in the capital city of that state then all it takes for another country to destroy is less than 30 bombs.
The power or source of these growths are not just industries or farming but mainly the education centers. one should give a choice to the colleges which are offering degrees in the city but meeting up the expectations to either lose their license to offer the degrees (Medicine, engineering, diplomas etc.,) or move out of the main city and to a district from where a lot of students are coming to study to city. Let us say there are 20 districts in a state and there are 200 engineering colleges then our goal should be to distribute 10 colleges per district. Many employers flock to a place where there is talent and now if the talent is spread across the state the employers too will spread. This will improve the stability of the employees too since now they cant jump to another employer every year since all the major companies are in the same city. It will lessen the burden of the city, reduce the cost of the living, student now will have to stay or move to a different district or state for studies and that will end racism by letting them interact with the other part of the country's people. Instead of 1 mega center of power, growth and population now we have multiple powers of growth offering redundancy and inclusive growth. We must try to reduce the burden of the city by creating alternate centers and regions of growth, employment and opportunities in every district.
This will put an end to hunger, parents having to die a lonely death at their old age, traffic jams in cities, unemployment,cost of living, cheaper real estates and a lot other things which are caused by crowded population at one place.
I will make it even simple for you if you don't want to read all this. If 90% of the earth's or a country's population lives in the city then one nuclear bomb is enough to take down the whole country, a single contamination of the water source for the city is more than enough to take down the whole country, a single power failure to a city is enough to take down the whole country or a single man made or natural epidemic is more than enough to take down the whole country.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Big Bang, Darwin and Bible, Can all be true at the same time?

As per hinduism one day of brahma (Creator aspect of Almighty) or Brahman (The Almighty Force/God)  is 4320,000,000 man years also known as kalp. As per bible the creation happened in 6 days but it doesnt say it is 6 man days as we know there was no man, there was no earth, there was no sunrise or sunset to calculate a day and neither was there any solar system or galaxy or  stars for that matter. As per big bang theory it was a massive explosion and it is still an expanding universe due to that explosion. The big bang theory tells us that after the explosion the gaseous materials and the residues were all combined, collided and later it all evolved into the present universe. If we take both the big bang theory and the biblical version of creation as true (including the darwin's theory) we are left with one question! What kind of day is the bible talking about? when there was no sunrise, sunset, earth or any of the planets for that matter. So it must be the day at the heavens or at the place of the creator or the force behind this creation (atheists please be with me a little longer and agnostics too...). After life was created the tadpole became ape, ape evolved into a man as per darwin's theory. Just for the argument sake if we take the darwin's theory, big bang theory and the bible's version of creation as true then we come to the conclusion that from the day of the big bang explosion to the day the ape evolved into a man it took 6 brahman days that is 6*4320,000,000 man years (25.9 billion years) . As per Big Bang theorists it happened approximately 13 billion years ago. You might ask how did Hindus came up with this number? well don't ask me but ask some spiritual leaders or hindu gurus because I too dont know how they calculated the exact number of moons around the saturn along with their speed of rotation and axis of rotation without a telescope but as someone who belongs to this oldest surviving culture and race on the face of the earth who invented the 0 I can certainly tell you that early humans were genius. Bible doesnt say creation happened just like that and neither does it say that he created the man by evolving a primitive into a human being so can it be that it was 6 brahman days the creator [Here creator doesnt have to be some man in the cloud but here when I say God I mean G(eneration)O(peration)D(estruction)] took from the big bang to the evolution of the human from a primitive organism ?! I don't know but I am just asking.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

a story about my new sony xperia z1 compact

Right from the day when the news and pics of the sony xperia z1 f surfaced for the japanese market which is just a small screen version of it's big brother sony xperia z1 i was very excited to finally a mid sized phone which is small enough to be operated with just one hand but powerful enough to match any big phone in the market at that time. I was finally thinking of replacing my HTC desire HD which is almost 4 years old and i still miss it for elegance and simplicity and most importantly its metal construction and camera.
After months of wait it finally got released and i made the mistake of buying it as soon as it got released. When i bought it (march 2014) on the 2nd of the official release in india it was 35k in the local shop but there wasnt a screenguard or a case available since its new. They gave me a temporary custom cut screenguard for 200 Rs. I bought an expensive screenguard online which need to be soaked in soap water before it has to be applied to the screen and it was a complete waste of money. I took it to the mobile shop with another screenguard which i ordered online again and they couldnt do it either but they gave me another crappy screenguard for 350Rs which doesnt cover the screen completely and it got a lot of bubbles. Now i have ordered a normal screenguard online for 600Rs, so i wasted 2750Rs (200+800+800+350+600) so far and i also bought a bugdroid case online since the back already has scratches on it. After 10 days of buying this phone now it is available for 32k on online stores.
Few things which really disappointed me are the [CONS]
1. the camera : My 4 year old HTC DHD with 8mp takes much better looking pictures than this new sony xperia z1 compact with 20mp. It doesnt have a face shutter but only has a smile shutter.
2. The Internet passthrough: I wasted 2 good days with this phone to try to use PC internet on the phone via USB which i had it in my 4 year old HTC DHD phone but it doesnt have that feature. Sony just like other companies is a partner centric corporation, when it comes to making products. I tried rooting the phone but still no go. HTC DHD has a 4th option to choose from when you connect it to your computer and that is internet passthrough (reverse tethering).
3. The Build: Since I was so used to the metal construction and rough handling of HTC DHD i didnt go for the delicate plastic darlings of samsung. This one has a stell frame but not the metal body. The back is still plastic and the front is glass.It is waterproof but a security risk where sim, memory card can be taken from the phone if you have left it unattended for even 10 seconds. The panel which covers the charging or the usb port seems fragile and may come off after a long use so you are forced to now buy an expensive magnetic charger which doesnt come with the phone.
4. NonAvailability of accessories: You make a waterproof phone and to avoid taking the lid off to charge you create an external magnetic charger but you won't make it available for a country with 1.30 billion people.  I can't find a good logic here. Am I missing something ? If the fragile lid after a certain period of time gets disconnected or comes off then sony has to replace the entire handset because In the authorized service centers of my metro city there is no repair option but to repair. The only magnetic charging cable (not the dock but just the cable) costs a whopping 2000 including shipping. wtf sony why do you want to hurt yourself ?
Today I filed for a repair of the product since The camera is worse than i though because many of the units are DOA when it comes to camera because they are affected by this flash bleed issue and it is construction problem and thus it cannot be fixed with a firmware update.
I called the sony service center and they told me that they will replace the handset. Thank you sony.
Today when I went Jayanagar, bangalore center they said they cannot replace it, how sad.
Below are the picture samples with "FLASH BLEED" problem and the pictures are horrible.

A sample from 4 year old HTC Desire HD

Gave back the handset to the sony service center after restoring the TA partition (unrooting the device) and relocking the bootloader with a new generic firmware from sony. They said they will get the handset replaced in a week. Waiting for it now. sigh.
Finally got the replacement phone. Tested it at home with flash in complete darkness and the flashbleed issue is no more there.
I strongly urge you not to use the default case provided with the phone which has a magnetic sticky strip to attach itself to the back of the phone. Its good but i somehow think the magnet in it is making the tiny camera parts inside go messy. I switched to bugdroid case and the images seems to be better.
Here are the samples of the sony xperia z1 compact phone main camera's samples after the replacement of the phone.

spent so for
+200(temporary screenguard)
+600(wasted Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Screen Protector) March 5, 2014
+600(wasted Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Screen Protector) MArch 7, 2014
+350(temporary screenguard)
+800(cruzerlite Case for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case for Xperia Z1 Compact-Black; don't buy it if you use a screenguard. it will mess up your screenguard overtime)
+600(magnetic charging cable)
+600(wasted Capdase Klia Screen Protector for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact)
+600 (Capdase SPSYD5503-K Screen Guard for Sony Xperia Z1 Compact) 24/4/2014
40,919 INR :(
Lessons learnt so far:
  1. 20mp of sony xperia z1 compact > 8mp of HTC DHD, This is because many handsets have this flash bleed and interestingly this has not affected many of the black handsets.
    This 20mp is actually the 8mp which takes multiple shots and then combines it to make it look like a 20mp picture. Oppo has implemented the same in their new oppo find 7 phone where the 13mp camera takes 50mp pictures.
  2. Never buy a product before 6 months of its official release in your region.
    (a) it will be very pricey in the beginning
    (b)no basic accessories
    (c)if it goes for repair then it will take forever since it will be a new product and the parts will not be available soon for replacement.
  3. make a list of your favorite features of your current phone/product offers (internet passthorugh in the case of my HTC) and check to see whether your next product/phone offers it and if not is it worth buying it.
  4. Screenguards are too big a pain to apply.
  5. Avoid buying products/gadgets/smartphones from companies who have a conflict of interest in creating a competition with their own products. Everytime an iphone/ipad sells sony makes money since it is the sony sensor which is inside an iphone. Sony is one of the world's largest seller of point and shoot cameras, handycams and also they are now emerging into the field of professional photography and videography. No business minded company would like to make a camera-phone which could potentially threaten their money minting product lines of photo & videography.
    Samsung supplies Ram, Display Screen and even its A7 chip to apple along with the SSD in apple's macbook air. Nokia will have a conflict of interest with their main windows line up of phones so they will never make phones which might compete with their windows mobile OS. So, the only other player who is worthy of being called an iphone of android is HTC.
  6. Never buy body cases like  Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case since they will mess up your screenguard from the edge and then you will end up replacing the screenguards every month.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Islamic Banking a flawed totalitarian concept ?!

what is islamic banking?
Islamic banking is a concept derived from the fact that in Islam forbids taxing people or charging interest for lending money. Thus a concept evolved where rich financiers, bankers or banks will lend you money to start your own business without charging any interest but instead they will be partners in your business and there is written guidelines on how much equity they will own in your business. Some say it is an 'unwritten' guideline where banks cannot own more than 50% of the profit or equity in the business of the person whom they are lending the money. Here are some of my observations
  1. It is an unwritten guideline that banks or financiers cannot own more than 50% of the equity of the business of the person to whom they are lending the money but it is an unwritten guidelines which means the bankers are not obligated to obey it under islam or under the law of the nation and one can easily demand more equity or profit than 50%.
  2. if a bank has lend money to 1 lakh people then banks now own an equity upto 50% or more in each of those businesses ranging from hotels, restaurants, autos or even mega ventures of ambanis and tatas. Now banks are partners in these businesses and thus they now have to manage all these businesses too since they are partners. Imagine a bank managing 1,00,000 businesses. Most of the companies die because of improper management and if one bank, banker or financier tries to manage 1,00,000 banks then its a death of the society since no businesses will prosper. This is totally impractical.
  3. It is very easy to discourage non muslims from trying to get a loan from these islamic banks by just asking too much equity in their businesses. If a muslim wants to own an auto then the islamic banks can ask him to give 50% (sitting) partnership benefits and for a muslim just 5% partnership benefits and obviously a non muslim will go to some normal bank where banks will only ask a % of interest for the money that they given you but not from the fortune that one can make from that money.
    Let us look at the saudi arabia the birthplace of islam and it has quran as its constitution. Unless you are someone who is a saudi citizen then you cannot own a business or run a business in your name.
    It also provides a possible dangerous means of induced conversion to islam by offering % free loans to non muslims or offering conditional loans only after conversion.
  4. If all the banks start to follow Islamic banking then it only means that the corruption will increase since banks or the bank manager will have the ultimate say in how much equity the banks can have in a business and there are no particular guidelines, the possibility of backdoor dealings will increase exponentially to bribe the bank manager or the authorities in the banks to decide in favor of them so that banks own as less equity in their business as possible.
  5. This will also mean that corrupt bank managers can make a deal with shady business runners and lend them a lot of money and show fake losses and since the banks also share the losses here , banks will lose all the money. Ex:- I will make a deal with the few corrupt bank authorities to lend me  1 crore from the Islamic bank and let the bank own 90% of the equity. Then I will declare that I suffered a huge loss in my business and show the manufactured records for it too. Now since banks own 90% equity, banks now suffered 90% loss of  the 1 crore money that they lent me. In other words banks are responsible for the 90% loss and I am only responsible for the 10 lakhs. Since banks are partners in too many businesses (let us say they have lent money to 1lakh businesses thus they are partners in 1 lakh businesses and it is impossible for a bank to manage these 1 lakh businesses thus they will fail to monitor how their money is being used which leads to easy bank frauds).
  6. If the bank has lent money to 1 lakh businesses then they have to have atleast 1 lakh more employees places in each of these businesses to make sure that the money is being used correctly and the business is being run correctly. This employee of the bank is also a potential CEO or a director in the board of directors so he has to be paid a huge salary too as per the salary structure of a CEO and if not he can be easily bought by the borrower of the money to show fake losses. Can a bank afford 1 lakh CEOs placed in all of the businesses of they co own and pay them well in crores p.a. ?
  7. Since here banks also share the losses it will very easy to fund the islamic terrorists by just lending them money with maximum equity to bank and show losses later so that the terrorists can keep the money. ex: as a terrorist i will get 1 lakh loan with 90% equity to the bank and i will show a complete loss and pay 10k to the bank since i owed only 10% of the equity in the business.
  8. This can be easily used for money laundering too in the same way as stated in the point above.
  9. Islamic banking will not give loan for beauty parlours (since it is against islam), or a meat shop for sikhs or hindus who eat jatka meat but not halal,  no laon to make a movie, or music album, or music band, or art gallery since these are all against islamic principles.
  10. It's often been argued that many countries are following it and thus we should do too. If tomorrow someone starts to commit suicide should we do too? Why should anyone follow a sheep of herds if it is leading you to the wolves?
    If these countries like Malaysia, saudi, UK have islamic banks then has anyone produce a record of how many non muslims have been given a load in these banks?
    What % of loaners are non muslims in these islamic banks ?
    What % of the banks in these countries are islamic banks? The % of islamic banks in malaysia is less than a single digit. If somone has a different figure then I'm do let me in the comment section with proof.
    Where do these countries stand in the graph of the world GDP?
    UK has only a handful of such islamic banks to appease muslims and to provide an uneven advantage to muslims where muslims get loan without any interest but non muslims have to go to regular banks and pay a hefty interest every month because non muslims are discouraged to get a loan from banks with all the possible red tapes and demanding a very huge equity in their business.
  11. what if i want to take a personal loan like a loan for my marriage? will the bank own a part of my marriage? What if I want to buy a car and want a loan for that, Do i have to give a % of the equity of my car to the bank? If someone has to take a student loan from these banks then a % of his lifetime income should be given to the banks, in literal terms I will be paying upto 50% of my salary to the bank till I die and a % to the govt. as professional tax. Here islamic banks are helpless and they will just deny the loan saying we offer only loans for commercial purposes.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

One Law One Nation (My Idea of uniform civil code)

If you have 3 children and if you are unfairly lineant and dear to the youngest and provide unparallelled advantages to the youngest over his or her siblings then it is obvious that the other two will be jealous, which leads to hatred and anger. This is the main basis of division in the society. When we declare all of us to be the children of this nation but still provide unfair advantages to one section of the society in the name of caste, religion, origin or other reasons we create not only jealousy among the members of the society but divisions leading to collisions and disharmony. This is only beneficial to the people in power to remain in power since now people can be busy fighting each other than fight those in power to do right for the society. This can only benefit the western countries which are actively funding such reservations and castist movements in bharath (Hindustan or India) so that the real talent can run away from bharath to come to them to prosper their nation since in bharath now the progress and recognition of a person are not base don merit or talent but based on caste, creed, color, religion, origin and affiliations. A huge chunk of NASA, Microsoft, Google and many corporations are bharatiyas (hindustanis or indians) which shows why our system is rotting since those who run the systems have been put their not because they are qualified or talented but because they are from a reservation category. This unequality is not just about reservation in jobs or college admission or other aspects of power in the society but it is scarring our society in the name of feminism which has become a disguise for the Marxist fascism.
Things need to change irreversibly
  1. end of any kind of reservation in any field for anyone.This means now all the posts in govt. or private sectors will be filled by those who deserve it but not those who reserve it. This also means right people doing the right job and no brain drain will occur which is holding back our country.
  2. no separate legal or political privilege to any particular gender, religion, people of origin or any community of people.
    This means all the gender privileges given to women will be taken off. Currently a women can accuse a man of dowry harassment or domestic violence and his entire family can be put in jail without any warrant or any preliminary proof. Currently a women will get half of a man's property after divorce. So all a pretty women has to do is keep divorcing men to get half of their property each and every time. overwhelmingly more than 80% of the cases filed by women on their men are proven to be false or incorrect to take revenge on them in the court of law.
    This also means that no temples will be taxed or controlled by govt. since no mosques or churches are controlled or taxed by govt.
    No muslim will be allowed to marry 4 wives since all can have just one legal weding partner at a time. In india there is a scarcity of women to men as per the national gender ratio and to correct it this is necessary.
    no mosques will use loud speakers and nor do the temples which disturb others who are in and around those places.
  3. no more more draconian fascist feminism They claim that men and women should be given equal rights but with the method of mere fear psychosis fascist feminists have divided our country between genders. Women have been given more benefits of being divorced than being in a wedlock. Unless there is a pre nuptual agreement a couple will not share each other's properly after divorce and no one needs to pay any kind of alimony to anyone. There shouldn't be any gender based reservations in the system too. no more abuse of domestic violence or dowry harassment cases where a women can get the entire family of the husband in jail without an option for bail and they dont need to prove in court that dowry harassment or domestic violence took place but instead the man's family and the man has to prove that it didnt take place. so here the man will be assumed guilty until proven innocent.

Monday, February 3, 2014

'ADticles' the new age of sublime and deceptive advertising

When I read the story about how 'Google Saved An Estimated $887 Million By Paying Adblock To Show Its Ads' i wasn't surprised at all. Politicians have been using media houses to promote themselves by making these media houses run their promotions in the form of genuine articles. Nobody wants to see ads now, If the user has a chance then he will completely do away with all these advertisements. The famous transformers live action movies series one of those movies where automobile companies lined up to be featured in them. If you haven't yet wondered why do most of the users in hollywood movies use mac with that shiny apple logo than a PC ? even thought PC users are more than 75% of the total global computer users.
News agencies have realized that their consumers now have gone smarter by and they might be using methods like browsers add ons such as adblock plus, flashblock or ghostery which will take out those annoying ads out of your webpage. Many people are moving away from regular news channels to e news and regular TV entertainment to downloads and streaming. In order for these media houses to survive and thrive they are now throwing us the ads in the form of articles which i like to call as ADTICLE (Ad+article) which is basically an ad in the form of an article. I am noticing that these adticles are increasing day by day in my facebook newsfeed from the pages i have liked and following. So, next time when you wonder why are you seeing four to five new articles about one particular brand, product or person then make no mistake that there has been a serious amount of money spent to make you see that.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Solution to the world's shortage for clean water

A lot of the world's population including of my country have no access to drinking water and that shows that we have failed in the collective growth of humanity. Many may talk about the lack of food too but you cannot grow food without water. I have a very simple, extremely economical and effective solution to curb all this, especially in the developing and developed countries.

When it rains the water hits the ground and most of it gets evaporated due to sunlight and other factors. This is more true especially in the developed and developing countries where it is becoming harder and harder for the earth to absorb water due to high rise buildings, roads and other manmade real estate and transport routes who act as a barrier between the earth and water. In order for the earth to stay normal, ground to stay healthy and stable it should have a normal and certain level of moisture which is achieved through ground water. The more ground water we have in a place the healthier the soil will be with all the essential micro and macro organisms which keep the soil in a state which promotes the growth of the crops. When the land loses its moisture below its normal level we may start to see land slides and land craters where the land starts to collapse and form craters. Then do we have to go back to mud roads instead of tar roads ? live in stone buildings and caves or huts instead of high rise buildings ? No, we need not but our progress shouldnt affect the planet negatively but we should find out a way to bypass this negative effect on earth.

Since it is becoming harder and harder for the earth to absorb water, especially in the urban areas we should find a way to directly take the water to mother earth's belly. We should all first begin with roads, especially bridges and flyovers. The water which falls in these flyovers goes to waste and cause a small flood on the roads too. We should have pipes which bring that water to the ground at the sides of the flyovers. These pipes should be wide and at a 45 or 135 degrees to the ground. These pipes should attach to the another pipe on the ground which directly transports the water to the ground water zone of the earth. Under the flyover there is a lot of free place anyway and hence it can be installed easily. Between the contacts of these two pipes there should be 3 mechanisms which are easily achievable. mechanism 1) the water from the flyover should enter a filter pipe which connects the ground pipe. This filter should be installed at a 5-10 degrees more than that of the flyover pipe. This filter pipe will have a metallic filter which has 60% to 90% of of it area as holes or pores. This filter will be inserted at the middle of the pipe which divides the filter pipe into upper and lower openings. Only the lower opening should be connected to the ground pipe and the upper opening should be kept open outwards so that the unwanted garbage will be thrown out through a different opening. In very rare cases we might see a situation where if one wants to make sure the water can only go in but doesn't come out  then we can have a squared pipe on top of the ground pipe with a floating lid which only opens in wards but when the water starts to come out the lid floats and forces the lid to close the opening. Here the ground water reaches the underground directly thus avoiding unnecessary evaporation of the water. I wish I knew someone who makes such 3d models (physical or digital) to show this concept visually but I don't know any such person, If you are that person then please by my guest. We have to use water from the sea with huge pipes to refill the ground water beginning with the coastal areas of the sea. India is 75% surrounded by sea and thus we will not have any lack of water.

India has 4 seasons with 3 months rain. If all the flyovers in the city use this then there won't be any problems. If all the high rise buildings use this then there will be surplus water. Imagine a situation where nobody has to depend on govt. or public sectors to supply them with water anymore because you can take the water from the underground itself when you need it. All it takes is a simple law to mandate such installation for every flyovers, high rise buildings, apartments and then later to all the new coming houses to be built, private or public.

In our ancient Bharath this is what they did. They had open wells where they use to take water when needed and during the times of rain all the rain water was directed to the well. If you go to humpi, karnataka you will see that all the stone forts and vast buildings had these water redirectors to redirect every single drop to the underground. If those oldage people did it then why can't we ?